Sunday, May 29, 2016

Registration closes Monday for Southern Alberta Summer Games

Pincher Creek SASG Coordinator Kiera Greenly

Josh Davis - The 47th annual Southern Alberta Summer Games (SASG) are taking place in Lethbridge from July 6 – 9. Athletes of all ages and skill levels will have the chance to compete in any of 21 different events, including running, basketball, soccer, archery, equestrian, handguns, cycling, golf, photography, and cribbage among others. Registration cost $20, and includes entry in up to three events. Team Pincher Creek T-Shirts, designed by Pincher Creek SASG Coordinator Kiera Greenly, can be purchased for an additional $15. To register, visit the Pincher Creek recreation office, which is adjacent to the pool, by close of business day Monday May 30.

“It’s a lot of fun. It’s a bit busy, but better to be busy than not doing anything,” said Greenly. “It’s definitely a big learning curve, but I like it a lot.” Greenly says she’s been busy with promoting the games and coordinating registrations. She said that during the event she will be the primary contact for anybody competing from Pincher Creek. She also said that she will “definitely be competing” in some events during the games.

“It’s exciting to get to learn new things, and take on new responsibilities,” said Greenly of the summer position she has taken on. “I think the biggest challenge will be when all of the registrations have come in. But I would say that I expected most of what the job has entailed.” Greenly said that she would consider taking on the coordinator position again in the future. “It depends on what I’m doing next year, but I would definitely consider it.” Greenly said they are in need of coaches for baseball and soccer, and can register as a coach for free, provided their team registers.

Greenly said that while her focus right now is on the upcoming SASG Lethbridge, preliminary planning has already started for other summer activities. “On August 19 this year we have the Children’s Festival and Dance in the Park. That’s the same night as the opening in rodeo in Pincher Creek. But it will be a dance, and there will be lots of fun stuff, probably a bouncy castle and a face painting station. It’s a very kid friendly event, and then we’re also showing a movie in the park that night. The theme of the rodeo is ‘through the ages’ so we’re looking for a movie that fits in with that theme,” said Greenly.

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