Monday, May 9, 2016

Small grass fire quickly contained in Pincher Creek area, fire ban continues province wide

Toni Lucas

Pincher Creek Emergency Services (PCES) responded to a small grass fire at 7:00 pm on Saturday, May 7.  The fire was east of Pincher Creek near Range Road 29-1 approximately 8 kilometers east of the town of Pincher Creek. Deputy Fire Chief Pat Neumann said the fire was small and slow moving, and the landowners had it mostly contained before PCES arrived.

Later the same evening PCES investigated campfires which were reported in the 774 Castle Falls Forestry area.

**Deputy Chief Neumann would like to remind the public there is a province-wide fire ban and off road vehicle ban in effect until further notice. "Conditions can change in this area very quickly," saying the moisture experienced Sunday evening can be evaporated off quite quickly with wind or warm weather.

**Update from PCES Twitter feed today at 3:58 pm:

"Fire pits, Town of Pincher Creek are allowed the ban in town has been removed rural areas surrounding the town are still under the fire ban"

Although the reports of campfires were in the forestry area, departments are working together because currently staffing is diminished as essential service departments have staff working in the Fort McMurray area. If you would like to report a fire in the forestry area you can report it to 310-FIRE or to our local department and they will make sure it is investigated.

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