Saturday, May 28, 2016

Tales of Kootenai Brown: book launch held at Pioneer Village

MC Bob Westrop
Josh Davis - On Tuesday, May 17, over 30 people attended the debut of the Pincher Creek and District Historical Society’s new photo book, celebrating 50 years of historical preservation. The authors for 'Tales of Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village', Farley Wuth, and Gord Tolton and photographer Jessica Maunsell, signed copies of the book. Master of Ceremonies Bob Westrop auctioned off the first copy of the book, along with a lifetime Historical Society membership. Ray Degan won the auction with a bid of $700. James VanLeeuwen also paid his own high bid for a copy of the book.

“This was an effort of the museum itself,” said the book’s editor, Gord Tolton. “The concept and co-ordination came from our president, Coleen Casey Cyr, with the blessing of the board. The idea was to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the historical society, which started with the inception of the Village itself. We wanted to do it as a photographic essay. The buildings themselves were our characters.” Tolton explained that each building had its own section of the book. “Thanks to the photography of Jessica Maunsell and the historical background that Farley Wuth has put together, and my own editing and design coordination, we’ve assembled this beautiful coffee table book.” This is Tolton’s ninth book.

Auction winner Ray Degan
“That’s really something, that fifty years have transpired since this museum started,” said Bob Westrop. “I can remember them building this building.” Westrop then gave some of the history of the Pioneer Village, before passing the podium duties off to the local politicians in attendance
Bob Westrop and Town Councillor Jim Litkowski 

“Thank you for inviting me tonight,” said Town Councillor James Litkowski. “I have lots of faith in the people who have been working here on the museum over the last 50 years; they’ve done lots. They have brought 150 years’ worth of history from the town and surrounding community to this town. We have a great Board. Congratulations, and the Town wishes you the best in the future, and thanks you for the past.”

Municipal District of Pincher Creek No. 9  Reeve Brian Hammond

“Most of us are here today because of our love and interest in history,” said MD Reeve Brian Hammond. “One of the bylines on the museum’s website is a reference to preservation, and I thought ‘I should look that up and see what it really means.’ I thought this one was kind of apt. ‘Historic preservation is an endeavour that seeks to preserve, conserve, and protect buildings, objects, landscapes, or other artifacts of historical significance,’” said Hammond. “I’d like to recognize as others have the ongoing commitment, dedication, and selfless giving of time by the curator, the staff and volunteers, and the board to the goals and ideals of the museum, and to the continuing success of the institution. Happy birthday.”

Historical Society President Colleen Casey Cyr

Historical Society President Colleen Casey Cyr read 'Fifty Years in the Making', a passage from the beginning of the book.

Tales of Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village is available in the museum’s gift shop for $24.95, while they last, but they’re selling fast.

James VanLeeuwen with his copy

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