Sunday, May 22, 2016

The gift of friendship

Joyce Sasse, Spiritual Gleanings

She’s proud to be 96 years old, proud to be able to transfer herself from her bed to her chair (in spite of having both legs amputated), and proud to be able to continue looking at the positive side of life.

65 years ago, when a handful of young girls in our tiny community wanted to form a C.G.I.T. (Canadian Girls in Training) group, Jessie Snow volunteered to be our leader. She was a bride from “The East” raising a family, managing a ranch and caring for aging parents.

Not only did she make time for us, she learned what she could about leadership and found a vocation for herself as a youth counselor.

It was a wonderful way for us to learn about babies and stuff (since we accompanied her through three additional pregnancies and child rearing).

It was also a way to learn about organizational work and group dynamics as we practiced rules of order, conducted meetings and planned projects.

Our motto “to cherish health, seek truth, know God and serve others”.

Early in our group life we decided our church, newly built after a fire, needed a carpet down the aisle and across the front. Why not get it? Jessie backed our venture with the money she was saving for a fur coat. (It was the 50’s!)

It is amazing how the enthusiasm and audacity to five 12-year olds could encourage church and community members to support our venture.

At our Christmas Vesper Services, she thoughtfully found a way to suggest I could better contribute through doing readings instead of with my off-key singing.

Years later we both were overwhelmed by tears as I made my ordination vows.

Our conversations now are bounced off lives full of challenges and opportunities. Pain, grief and death have been there in full, as well as joy and great memories.

Thank God for those who nurture us and encourage us to realize our potential!

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  1. The best gift of all is Love and Friendship and it looks like Jesse Snow embodied all of that over her amazing years giving and sharing of herself for others selflessly and with unconditional Love. Kudos for Jesse Snow may you have many more years above the grass to enjoy doing what you love best and that is being a great friend to all around you. Cheers


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