Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Wildfire hazard assessment study to be conducted in Pincher Creek area

Toni Lucas

A Wildfire Hazard Assessment of Pincher Creek and surrounding area will be conducted this spring by Forestry Consultant Stew Wakingshaw. One of the purposes of this assessment is identifying risks in the area to possibly mitigate future damage, and to educate the public in regards to fire-smart practices. Pincher Creek Emergency Services Chief Dave Cox said "In particular in our area we have a wide variance of fuel load, from forest to grass. The assessment has a lot to do with how to build an effective prevention plan. This is an extremely valuable tool."

Funding for the assessment has been obtained from a Forest Resource Improvement Association of Alberta (FRIAA) grant. The area covered by the assessment will include the Municipal District of Pincher Creek, including all hamlets and subdivisions, and the Town of Pincher Creek, with a focus on wildfire risk.

The PCES Department plans to share information gathered through the study to the public in the fall.

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