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2016 St. Michael's Sword and Shield Athletic Awards

Character: Chet Root and Natalie Krizan

Toni Lucas - St. Michael’s  School held their 2016 Sword and Shield Athletic Awards at the Foothills Campus on Thursday, June 9.  St. Michael's Athletic Director Tyler Speelman was the Emcee for the evening.  Speelman recognized the many people and organizations who have helped the teams in a variety of ways including those who sponsored the awards, the coaches, drivers, referees,   scorekeepers, volunteers, parents and guardians, and the students for all the help everyone puts effort into the athletic department.  Speelman said "I remember last year that more than one coach said to me at the end of the year 'You're going to have a very good team for the next couple of years.'  They weren't wrong."  He directed the audience's attention to a variety of banners displayed to the side of the room, achievements of  various teams.

The awards within the teams were often given out by the coaches themselves.  They had a few moments to share with everyone the team highlights, and the achievements of the individuals.

Sportsmanship: back - Tyler Gerber and Rebecca Lowry, front - Denby Ettenhofer and Joseph Lowry
The major awards at the end of the evening included Sportsmanship, Athlete of the Year, and Character awards.  For Sportsmanship the recipients had demonstrated the qualities of fairness, civility, honesty, usefulness, respect, and responsibility.  There was a male and female recipient in both Junior High and High School both in Athletics and in Sportsmanship.  For the category of Character Awards one male and one female student were chosen from the athletic student body.  These are athletes who had put team and school before their own individual achievement.  Speelman said the two winners showed positive citizenship, sportsmanship, team player, a strong work ethic, excellent attendance both in athletic and academic areas and strength in character.  He then announced the winners of the 2016 St. Michael's Character Awards, Natalie Krizan and Chet Root.

After the awards presentation there was a slideshow commemorating many moments in this school year of sports and the camaraderie of these young athletes.  In the lobby there was a space for winners to have photos taken to commemorate the night.

St. Michael’s Sword and Shield Athletic Awards

Cross Country

Junior High Girls
MVP – Vivian Thomson
Honourable Mention – Paige Richards
Honourable Mention – Grace Zoratti

Senior High Girls
MVP – Rebecca Lowry
Honourable Mention – Legacy Krampl
Honourable Mention – Kiana Neumann

Junior High Boys
MVP – Mathias Gelber
Honourable Mention – Liam Grier
Honourable Mention – Taite Jessen

Senior High Boys
MVP – Eric Grier
Honourable Mention – Mitchell Zoratti
Honourable Mention – Elisha Lowry


Junior High Girls B Volleyball
Most Improved – Paige Richards
Heart and Hustle –Vivian Thomson
Sportsmanship – Cindra Yellowhorn
Most Valuable Player – Savanna Edwards

Junior High Boys A Volleyball
Most Improved – Liam Grier
Heart and Hustle – Taite Jessen
Sportsmanship – Mathias Gelber
Leadership – Joseph Lowry
Most Valuable Player – Ethan Choi

Junior High Boys B Volleyball
Most Improved – Nico Charette and Julian Krizan
Heart and Hustle – Corbin Litchfield and Connor Stuckey
Sportsmanship – Caleb Evans and Aiden Bustard
Most Valuable Player – Will Johnson and Solli Cooley

Junior High Girls A Volleyball
Most Improved – Sara Saulnier
Heart and Hustle – Ellie Stauffer
Sportsmanship – Mya Citrigno
Most Valuable Player – Abigail Smith

Senior High Girls – Senior Varsity Volleyball 
Most Improved – Alex Russell
Heart and Hustle – Bree Yellowhorn
Sportsmanship – Natalie Krizan
Rookie of the Year – Olivia Citrigno
Most Valuable Player – Rebecca Lowry

Senior High Boys Varsity Volleyball
Most Improved – Ben Cooley
Heart and Hustle –Chet Root
Sportsmanship – Taite Jessen and Mitchell Zoratti
Most Valuable Player – Michael Svab and Tyler Gerber


Junior High B Girls Basketball
Most Improved – Caitlyn Kirkman
Most Versatile Player– Cadence Yellowhorn
Most Speedster Award – Vivian Thomson
Hustle on the Court – Aliyah Hungry Wolf
Sportsmanship – Megan Sundberg
Big Boards Award – Mercedes Smith

Junior High A Girls Basketball
Most Improved – Trinity Provost
Most Improved Post – Madison Arnold
Heart and Hustle – Denby Ettenhofer
Sportsmanship – Danika Warkentin
MVP – Grace Zoratti and Ashton Kootenhayoo

Junior High B Boys Basketball
Most Improved – Will Johnson
Heart and Hustle – Aiden Bustard
Most Valuable Player – Julian Krizan

Junior High A Boys Basketball
Most Valuable Pump Fake – Joe Lowry
Most Valuable D – Liam Grier
Sportsmanship/coachable – Kalib Smith
Work Horse – Mathias Gelber
Most Valuable Put Back – Ben Cooley
Most Valuable Back Court – Taite Jessen
Most Improved 3 Pointer – Ethan Choi
Rookie of the Year – Romel Obrique

JV and SV Girls Basketball

Senior High (JV) Girls Basketball
Most Improved – Emma Dietze
Heart and Hustle – Leigh Erickson
Sportsmanship – Bree Yellowhorn
Most Valuable Player – Natalie Krizan 

Senior High (SV) Girls Basketball
Most Improved – Lucy Gerrand
Heart and Hustle – Ashtyn Duncan
Sportsmanship - Megan McGlynn
Most Valuable Player - Rebecca Lowry

Senior High Boys Basketball
Most Improved – Ryan Higginbotham and Isaak Bustard
Heart and Hustle – Adam Sundberg
Sportsmanship – Elisha Lowry
Rookie of the Year – Jordan Hochstein
Most Valuable Player – Mitchell Zoratti


Junior and Senior Hight Badminton
Junior High Badminton
Most Improved – Taite Jessen
Heart and Hustle – Neige Kelly and Megan Sundberg
Sportsmanship – Caleb Evans
Most Valuable Player – Denby Ettenhofer and Mya Citrigno

Senior High Badminton
Most Valuable Player – Isabelle Charette

Track and Field

Junior and Senior High Track and Field

Junior High Track and Field
Most Improved – Shay Tienkamp
Heart and Hustle – Liam Grier
Sportsmanship – Vivan Thomson
Most Valuable Player – Mathias Gelber and Paige Richards

Senior High Track and Field
Most Improved – Ethan Richards
Heart and Hustle – Eric Grier
Most Valuable Player – Rebecca Lowry and Michael Svab

Major Awards

Sportsmanship: back - Tyler Gerber and Rebecca Lowry, front - Denby Ettenhofer and Joseph Lowry
Junior High Female Sportsmanship of the Year - Denby Ettenhofer
Junior High Male Sportsmanship of the Year -Joseph Lowry
Senior High Female Sportsmanship of the Year - Rebeccca Lowry
Senior High Male Sportsmanship of the Year - Tyler Gerber

Athletes of the Year
Jr. High Athletes of the Year Grace Zoratti, Taite Jessen, and Mathias Gelber
Sr. High Athletes of the year Rebecca Lowry, Mitchell Zoratti, and Michael Svab
Junior High Female Athlete of the Year – Grace Zoratti
Junior High Male Athlete of the Year - Mathias Gelber and Taite Jessen
Senior High Female Athlete of the Year – Rebecca Lowry
Senior High Male Athlete of the Year - Michael Svab and Mitchell Zoratti

Character Awards
Character: Chet Root and Natalie Krizan

Female Character Award – Natalie Krizan
Male Character Award – Chet Root

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