Saturday, June 18, 2016

Bobby Burns washroom upgrades discussed by Pincher Creek Town Council

Toni Lucas  - During the regular meeting of Council for the Town of Pincher Creek on Monday, June 13 council discussed a letter received from the Municipal District of Pincher Creek asking the Town to contribute to the funding of Bobby Burns Fish Pond washroom upgrades.

The land for the Bobby Burns Fish Pond was donated by the Burns family and is located adjacent to Juan Terran Park at the east end of town. Residents of the MD and the Town use it for the intended use of a safe and accessible place for seniors and people with handicaps to fish, as well as to picnic, hold gatherings and for photography. It is maintained by Royal Canadian Legion #43 members.  In the letter it stated the Legion had received a quote for the upgrades in the amount of $22,500.00.  The MD informed the Town the MD Council  had agreed to fund one-half of the project cost, waive the development permit fee, and supply gravel at no cost for the project. The MD asked if the Town would be willing to participate in funding of the project, due to the fact that residents from both the Town and the MD, use this facility.

Mayor Don Anderberg said, "There's a request for a significant amount of money," referring to the outstanding half of  at $11,250.00. Anderberg said,  "This is kind of coming in at the eleventh hour, as far as I can tell," referring to how far the project has already proceeded in planning and development.  "Right now, the MD of Pincher Creek Council heard a presentation and decided to within their facility fund half of that, then forwarded this to us to fund the other half without any discussion.  That's fine, but I have a few questions I'd like to ask."

The Town does support the Bobby Burns Park with labour and water for the kitchen facilities, and upgrades in the past.  Anderberg said "This is the perfect kind of funding for joint funding," referring to funding requests which go through both the Town and MD at a specific time of the year. "I don't want to be political here, but this is the third request we've got from the MD  on this particular piece of infrastructure that is in their jurisdiction, they have care and control over, and has come to us for 50/50 funding.  One piece of infrastructure that I would say probably gets used at a level of 50/50 that we had come forward to us a while back was the new ice plant for the arena, it was a $200,000 project.  We asked them to help out with that and  they sent us $18,000. How they came up with that number I do not know, but it doesn't matter."

They discussed some areas community grant money may be accessed for the project, however they did not know if the Royal Canadian Legion #43 had already approached other funding sources such as the Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southern Alberta.   "As much as I like to support all community projects, and this is a community project, I find the information sorrily lacking here."  He suggested a presentation directly form the Legion would be appropriate.  They accepted the letter as information, and requested that administration invite a delegation to council from the Legion for further discussion.

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