Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bylaw amendment could allow live poultry in MD of Pincher Creek hamlets

Josh Davis – The current Animal Control bylaw for the Municipal District No. 9 of Pincher Creek doesn’t address chickens in hamlets. During the June 28 meeting of Pincher Creek’s MD Council, council directed administration to bring forward a bylaw amendment that could change this situation.
In a letter from addressed to MD Councillor Gary Marchuk, and dated June 8, 2016 MD resident Neige Kelly stated:

“After my conversation with Roland Milligan, I found out the hamlet of Beaver Mines has a bylaw against owning poultry animals. Roland suggested I talk to my local councillor to initiate having this bylaw changed. So I am writing to you to see how I can go about that, since I am interested in having laying hens.”

Councillor Terry Yagos moved that administration draft an amended bylaw allowing poultry within the Hamlets and MD and Grouped County Residential land use districts. The motion was carried unanimously.

Editor's note - According to the guidelines set out in Alberta Municipal Affairs's Basic Principles of Bylaws under the Municipal Government Act, council receives a proposed amended bylaw, they discuss it at a regular public meeting of council. After that, to proceed it must pass three "readings", meaning a majority of council must vote to approve it.  Under the MGA a bylaw or an amended bylaw can be passed by three successful readings at the same meetings, provided very specific guidelines are followed.  The MD of Pincher Creek and other municipalities often pass two readings at the same meeting, followed by a period of public input including a public hearing, and then put the final version to a third reading vote.  The public meeting is most often held at the outset of an upcoming regular public meeting of council. 

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