Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fox Theatre hosts Finding Dory scavenger hunt

A Pincher Creek tradition - lining up at the Fox

Josh Davis - On Friday June 17, the Fox Theatre in Pincher Creek hosted 98 local youth in a scavenger hunt at 1:30pm, prior to the 3pm matinee of the movie Finding Dory. Groups of participants were given a list of Dory related items to search for throughout the town of Pincher Creek. The winning two groups were awarded with prizes, such as free treats and popcorn combos. Door prizes for Finding Dory will be given out throughout the week, including Disney merchandise, such as Finding Dory stuffed plush dolls.

Chloe, Zachary, Brooklyn, and William, who claimed first prize
William cleverly drew both a shark and seaweed to add to their list

Fox Theatre's Jill Becker said that turnout was excellent, and in fact the premiere event was more packed at the Fox than Star Wars VII on opening night. Becker called the interactive activity a "fun way to keep the kids active."

Ashlyn, Tristan, and Addison, who claimed second prize
Ashlyn said the weirdest thing from their list was her flip-flops

Finding Dory, the sequel to 2003's Finding Nemo, was an enjoyable film to watch. It was visually engaging and featured sharp comedic writing coupled with a solid understanding of animation. The film is quick to get to the plot, but retains the same quick moving fun energy as its predecessor. Some characters are left underdeveloped or underutilized in this chaos, however, including Nemo. But Dory's ability to tug at my heartstrings left me fond of the film, and I would recommend it to children, and fans of Disney or Pixar. 3.5/5, would watch again.

This Sunday June 26. the Fox Theatre will be hosting the Motorcycle Show & Shine and Chili Cook Off at the parking lot next to the theatre at 1:00 pm. On July 1, local youth can draw fish on the sidewalk outside of the theatre with chalk.

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