Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Fox Theatre hosts Show and Shine

The one-and-only custom 2004 Harley Davidson Prostreet Chopper on display
Josh Davis - On Sunday afternoon, June 17 the Fox Theatre hosted a motorcycle show and shine. Classic, unique, and valuable motorcycles and cars were parked on a blocked off section of main street, drawing in a crowd of over 60 people. In addition to bikes and cars on display, the event also featured Harvest Coffee's chili cook off, a mini-donut stand, a game station, face painting, and live music, provided by Adam Scotten.

1930 Ford Model A
I spoke with Mike LyCar about his custom 2004 Harley Davidson Prostreet Chopper. This custom hand built chopper won best in class, best paint, and people's choice award in the Calgary World of Wheels from 2004 to 2007. LyCar the youngest of several Canadian based funny car racers in the seventies, racing with the National Hot Rod Association from the age of sixteen until he was twenty-one. "After that I went to university, got married, and had four kids," said LyCar.

LyCar was proud of his one-of-a-kind machine, which he build the year after his wife passed on. "My wife got cancer and died in '03. So I needed something to do," said LyCar. "its appraised value today is $82500, without gst, so you're looking at an $87000 bike. I never rode it on the street for four years, and then I thought since I won four times I should let somebody else win." LyCar moved here in October of this year. "I think I'm going to stay, I like it here." LyCar is a driver with Care Bears, First Student, and Whispering Winds.

Also on display was a 1930 Ford Model A, a beautiful machine which owner John Erickson called a great touring car. "Its been driven every state east of Mississippi," said Erickson. "Its really comfortable, the riding position is just about perfect." Erickson bought the vehicle in 1930, and its stayed in great shape all this time. "I just change the oil. I put new tires on it last year, finally. But its a good runner with a solid engine."

Under the hood of the 1929 Whippet
Erickson was also proud of his 1929 98A Whippet. This four door sedan includes a vacuum fuel pump, and a six cylinder engine. "You have to figure out how to get in," said Erickson. "The seats are non-adjustable. But the back seat has plenty of room." Erickson also demonstrated an old fashioned multi-fuction switch in the steering wheel, which turns headlights on and off, starts the car, and serves as the horn.

Organizer Jill Becker with the Fox Theatre said she planned the event over the course of ten days. "I think it came together very well," she said.

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