Sunday, June 12, 2016

Getting along with neighbours

Joyce Sasse - Getting alone with our neighbours can be a challenge, especially when we live side-by-side for a long time. Coping with conflicting relationships brings to mind the sign on a plumber’s van. It read “A Laugh is as Good as a Flush”, which suggests a healthy way of handling issues.

Here’s what happened on my street The crusty old guy next door kept parking his tuck in front of my living room window.

“Can’t you tell him to move it?” friends insisted.

“I’m trying to figure out what to say” I replied. “But I want to try to handle it like a lady .” I understood he moved it each day to quiet his wife. She didn’t like to see it when she looked out her living room window.

After several periods of daytime parking, he started to leave the truck in front of my place over-night.

One the third night a rancher neighbour pulled into town late in the evening, and parked his horse trailed in the vacant space in front of the elderly couple’s bedroom/living room window. The trailer had one critter in it.

It was only there a few hours while the cowboy grabbed a bit of shut-eye. But every time the critter inside moved, the sound of restless hooves echoed through the hollow metal trailer and into the night.

Being a warm evening, all of our bedroom windows were open! I stood at my window and chuckled. “Thank you God!” I knew instantly that my lady-like answer had come – with me never having to say a word. The Almighty must have a wonderful sense of humour.

First thing next morning, as soon as the trailer was moved, the old rattle-trap in front of my place was driven forward. And the space under “the Queen’s” window was never left vacant again.

I’m sure even the heavenly host had a bit of a giggle!

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