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Livingstone School 2016 Academic & Athletic Awards Night

Christian Davis - Lundbreck's Livingstone School held their 2016 Academic & Athletic Awards Night on the evening of June 8.  This annual event celebrates the achievements of individuals at every stage of their journey through the small but tight-knit community that is Livingstone School.  Some of the recipients made multiple trips to the podium to receive their awards and the accolades of their peers.  A few were absent, otherwise engaged in character forging activities.  Others were the recipient of one well-earned award.  All were warmly applauded by the audience of educators, family members, peers, and the press.  A wide variety of student-created artworks decorated the gym.

The event began with Mrs. Krizan leading us in the singing of O Canada, followed by a brief explanation of the awards guidelines.  Awards sponsors were thanked throughout and in many cases were on hand to present the award they sponsor.  Livingstone School Administrative Assistants Mrs. Tanya Douglas and Ms. Joanne Verbaas, and Joanne Verbaas helped keep the production running smoothly, as it their usual wont.

Representatives from all generations were in attendance.

Most of the awards have been sponsored by the same individuals, service groups, or entities, for many years. The Connelly Family award for the highest Grade 12 English 30 mark was presented by Ms. Dana Connelly, who also promised that it was at Livingstone School to stay, as an annual tradition. Presenters included teachers Mrs. Karen Paton,  Mr. Alan Friesen, Mrs. Kathy Rast, Mr. Alan Friesen, Mr. Rob Tkachuk, and teacher and coach Mr. Coady MacDonald,. Also presenting were Mrs. Tracey Preston-Hucik, LHS Sports Booster Club's Ms. Candice Janzen,  Mrs. Naomi Schweb, Mrs. Bonnie Kaack, Ms. Joanne Verbaas, and Mrs. Sharon Halibert.  Also Ms. Janet Elder, Duane and Lynne DeCock, Ms. Leisl Leishman, Mr. Nolan Pharis, Mr. Everett Nowlin, Mr. Paul Erickson, Ms. Dawn Heerschap, Ms. Anne Molnar, Livingstone School Administrators Mr. Chad Jensen and Mrs. Mary Krizan, and numerous volunteers (including many parents). Village of Cowley Mayor Mr. Garry Hackler presented again and gave a short speech. who still has a reserved parking spot in the Livingstone lot, also presented. Hackler is a Livingstone graduate and former teacher and administrator there. He still keeps his hand in, and as a side note has one of the nicest gardens in the area. And a good parking spot. Pillars of Livingstone's family, all of them. Lots of people fill multiple roles.  I know I left some out and left some in, and it should be known that they all contribute to Livingstone's evident success as the little school that can.  Champions in many fields are produced here, free thinkers all. Scientists, artists,  athletes, dramatists, linguists, rodeo stars, mathematicians, musicians, language arts, etc.  Eyes on the stars.  Strength in community really works around here.  They should do a study.

Enough of that, on with the show.

Isaac Loseth and Dylan Bates

Grade 7 - Isaac Loseth
Grade 8 - Logan Sekella
Grade 9 - Dylan Bates


Mathias Lynch-Staunton, Mina Wood, Alex Hartgerink

Grade 7 - Mathias Lynch-Staunton

Grade 7 - Mina Wood
Grade 8 - Alex Hartgerink

Mathias Lynch-Staunton, Gus Halibert. Bryant Cail

Grade 7 - Mathias Lynch-Staunton
Grade 8 - Gus Halibert
Grade 9 - Bryant Cail

Alina Pharis and Chad Bousquet

Physical  Education
Grade 7 - Alina Pharis, Brayden Scotton
Grade 8 - Brayden Scotton
Grade 9 - Chad Bousquet

Indie MacGarva, Gus Halibert, Megan Hurst

Social Studies
Grade 7 - Indie MacGarva
Grade 8 - Gus Halibert

CTF 7 - Matthias Eden
CTF 8 - Megan Hurst

Alina Pharis, Nicole Keeler, Bryant Cail

Language Arts
Grade 7 - Alina Pharis
Grade 8 - Nicole Keeler
Grade 9 - Bryant Cail

Danielle Hann, Hailey Grove, and Addy Halibert with Mrs. Mary Krizan

Grade 7 -  Danielle Hann
Grade 8 - Hailey Grove
Grade 9 - Addy Halibert

Grade 9 - Madi Harrison

Eric Smyth

Health 9 - Eric Smyth

Gus Halibert
Grade 8 - Gus Halibert 

Mina Wood, Frankie Love

Grade 7 - Mina Wood
Grade 8 - Frankie Love
Grade 9 - Madi Harrison

Mrs. Karen Paton and Danielle Hann
Outdoor Ed
Grade 7 - Danielle Hann

Life Skills
Ms. Janet Elder presenting new Life Skills award

Life Skills: Alexis and Amber Bachura
Highest Academic Average
Mrs. Mary Krizan and Alina Pharis
Alina Pharis
Gus and Addy Halibert

Grade 7 - Alina Pharis
Grade 8 - Gus Halibert
Grade 9 - Addy Halibert

Esteemed Alumni Garry Hackler
Jr High Citizenship
Mariah Loseth

Promotes School Spirit
Involvement in overall school activities

Chad Bousquet (left) with Lynne and Duane DeCock

Exemplary Character 
Chad Bousquet

Junior High Athletic Awards

Junior Girls Volleyball 
Most Improved Player          Hailey Grove
Sportsmanship               Siri Kaack
Sportsmanship           Addy Halibert
Most Valuable Player        Danielle Hann

Junior Girls Basketball
Most Improved Player             Frankie Love
Hustle                       Mariah Loseth
Sportsmanship                  Alina Pharis
Most Valuable Player            Addy Halibert
  Logan Olsen, Ryan Smyth, Mathias Lynch- Staunton. Gareth Kaack

Junior B Boys Basketball
Most Improved Player          Ryan Smyth
Most Improved Player        Mathias Lynch- Staunton
Hustle        Gareth Kaack
Most Valuable Player      Logan Olsen

Junior A Boys Basketball 
Most Improved Player             Hunter Olsen
Hustle                           Bryant Cail
Sportsmanship                   Gus Halibert
Most Valuable Player              Brock Gatzky

Gary Kuftinoff  MVP Memorial Award
Brock Gatzky

Junior Badminton
Most Valuable     Addy Halibert & Chad Bousquet

Mr. Coady MacDonald congratulates Logan Olsen and Alina Pharis
Logan Olsen and Alina Pharis

Junior Track and Field
Hustle     Alina Pharis
Most Valuable     Logan Olsen

Junior Female Athlete of the Year
Addy Halibert

Addy and Gus Halibert
Junior Male Athlete of the Year
Gus Halibert

LHS Sports Booster Club Presentation to Coaches
, Mrs. Bonnie Kaack, Mrs. Sharon Halibert, Ms. Joanne Verbaas, Mrs. Naomi Schweb

2015/16 LHS Coaches

Ethan Paridaen, Reid Mosby, Raina lane, Nikki Smyke

Grade 10 - Raina Lane and Reid Mosby
Grade 11 - Nikki Smyke
Grade 12 - Ethan Paridaen

Senior High Academic Awards

Skylar Bueckert,  Brady Douglas, Logan Desjardins

Math 10C        Logan Desjardins
Math 20-1           Brady Douglas
Math 30-1         Skylar Bueckert

Brady Douglas, Logan Desjardins, Chris Cail

Science 10       Logan Desjardins
Chemistry 20    Chris Cail
Chemistry 30      Brady Douglas

Social Studies
Social 10-1        Justyn Connelly- Engel

Cameron Brush and Justyn Connelly- Engel

CTS 10     Cameron Brush
CTS 20    Ryan Grove

Tom Phillips,  Kori Sandeman, Cole Schweb

English Language Arts
English 10-1             Tom Phillips
English 10-2            Cole Schweb
 English 20-1        Kori Sandeman 
English 30-1      Jayden Hucik

Jonathan Erickson,  Levi Sekella, Chris Cail

Physical  Education
PE 10    Levi Sekella
PE 20      Jonathan Erickson
PE 30    Chris Cail

Mary Blomgren, Mrs. Krizan, Skylar Bueckert, Logan Desjardins, Kori Sandeman

French 10        Logan Desjardins
French 20        Skylar Bueckert
French 30   Kori Sandeman and Mary Blomgren

Quinlan Connelly- Engel

Mrs. Paton and Skylar Bueckert

Art 10          Meghan Tkachuk 
Art 20        Skylar Bueckert

Highest Academic
Kori Sandeman, Brady Douglas, Logan Desjardins

Grade 10 - Logan Desjardins
Grade 11 - Brady Douglas
Grade 12 - Kori Sandeman

Senior High Athletic Awards

Kori Sandeman, Skylar Bueckert, Katie McClung

Senior Girls Volleyball
Most Improved Player           Savanah Moore
Hustle       Katie McClung 
Most Valuable Player   Kori Sandeman 
Most Valuable Player      Skylar Bueckert

Ryan Grove, Brady Douglas, Jonathan Erickson, Smilin' Ross Cook
Senior Boys Volleyball
Most Improved Player              Ryan Grove
Hustle          Brady Douglas
Sportsmanship        Jonathan Erickson
Most Valuable Player      Ross Cook

Senior Boys Basketball
Head Coach Duane DeCock, Chris Cail, Ross Cook, Jonathan Erickson, Coach Paul Erickson

(Large bold font because THE SENIOR BOYS SABRES HOSTED AND WON PROVINCIALS.  We assume that's an "A" in Sports")

MVP – Offensive Play             Eric Cadonic
MVP – Defensive Play         Jonathan Erickson 
Most Valuable Player         Chris Cail 
Most Valuable Player      Ross Cook

Provincial Champions

Dean McCulloch MVP
Memorial Award
Chris Cail and Ross Cook

Senior Female Athlete of the Year
Katie McClung

Senior Male Athlete of the Year

Ross Cook

Emerging Artist Award

Skylar Buecker


Ryan Grove and Josee Wiebe

C.U.P.E. Award
Ethan Paridaen

The Connelly Award
Skylar Bueckert
 Grade 12 highest English 30 mark

Presenter Mrs Dana Connelly and Skylar Bueckert

The Olive Srigley Award
Mary Blomgren

Presenter Mr. Darrell Hilliard and Mary Blomgren

Grade 12 female student with the highest mark in Science.

Erickson and Sons Trade Scholarship
Liam Connelly-Engel

Presenter Mr. Paul Erickson and Liam Connelly-Engel

Sr High Citizenship
Ryan Grove

LRSD Grade 12 Academic Award
Hannah Penner

Governor General’s Bronze Medal
Hannah Penner

Won no awards, stayed until the end anyway:
Much of the Livingstone School's administrative staff.

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