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Matthew Halton 2016 Graduation ceremonies

Matthew Halton 2016 Graduands: Levi Anderson, Eligh Big Bull, Michael Big Bull, Alissa Bonertz, Mitchel Brady, Jermany Bramer, Alexis Breckenridge, Austin Caron, Bryce Crawford, Samantha Cyr, Hayley Davis, Nicole Davis, Cayleigh Duffield, Tristen Duffield-Starzyk, , Travis Dyer, Trent Dyer, Sam Gerrand, Johanna Hahn, Chas Hale, Tamia Iron Shirt, Katrina Kocsis, Jeremy Kretz, Morgan LaRose, Marcel Levecque, Luke Lewis, Colin Lincez, Robyn Lively, Megan McGlynn, Ryan Patterson, Jeremiah Peacemaker, Ben Riviere, Tyler Scherger, Aiden Smith, Merrick Stauffer, Mackenzie Strachan-Reed, Travis Stushnoff, Josh Sutherland, Lachlan Terpstra, Danika Tkaczyk-Starzyk, Jordynn Wadsworth-Smith, Marieka Welke, Taylor Wells, Ashley Wiebe, Katelynn Woods, Kaitlin Wyatt, and Kayla Zielke 

Toni Lucas - Matthew Halton High School held their 2016 Graduation Spring Celebration at the Pincher Creek Community Hall on Saturday, May 28. Mistress of Ceremonies Mrs. Sarah Duncan reminded the students to "Take the time to say to yourself, 'We did it!'" before she introduced each graduand and their escort.

Megan McGlynn and Lachlan Terpstra delivered the Last Will and Testaments for the class, and Class Prophecies were said by Alexis Breckenridge and Bryce Crawford. Two musical selections were performed 'Love Without End' by George Strait perform by Taylor Wells, and 'Friends' by Hedley was performed by Alexis Breckenridge.

Alexis Breckingridge and Bryce Crawford 

 Ashtyn Duncan and Sarah Duncan

Class Valedictorian Sam Gerrand gave his speech earlier at the Cap and Gown Ceremonies, and Graduation President Ashtyn Duncan talked about the memories which have been created among the students, and shared life lessons she has learned from her classmates. "For the last 12 years we have been seated in classrooms, learning about a the different subjects, Social Studies, Math, Sciences, and many more. There has been so much more to our learning than just that. We learn many lessons that will vary throughout our lives after high school. I want to wish you all this - 12 years of hard work, we are all here. Congratulations guys, we survived."

Lachlan Terpstra Megan McGlynn

Taylor Wells

Guest Speakers Ian Robertson and Jill Klapp instructed the students to look under their chairs. Each had a gift wrapped package. The packages contained various items to remind the students of themselves, life lessons, their connections to this community, and that they are all special.
  • Candle - Shine, bring out your light, and share it with others.
  • Nail - To build, and to remind them it is always harder to build than it is to break and destroy.
  • The word YES - Say yes more than you say the word now, say yes for you. 
  • Sage - Blessed by Piikani Elders and given as a gift to each of the students.
  • Needle and Thread - To remind them to mend, rather than discard.
  • Knotted rope - To remember their ties in life.
  • Fishing hook - To remember about patience.
  • Seeds - For the seeds of knowledge, to grow and to nurture.
  • Hot Wheel car - To look for the things that drive you.
  • Salt water taffy - To take your time, and enjoy life.
  • Mirror - For both reflection, and projection.
  • Toy - See the fun in life.
  • Coin - To flip when the choice is too hard. If you are disappointed by the outcome, you now know what you choose. 
  • Earplugs - The last item in the package was earplugs, to remind the students to keep their promises. For those who did not see this as an obvious connection, Ian Robertson took a chair to the front of the assembled graduands, and sang to them, fulfilling a promise made to them, years previously.
The ceremonies commenced with a Recessional, Grand March followed by a dance. There was a banquet later on in the evening where the class slideshow made by Trent Dyer and Alexis Breckenridge where scheduled to be shown.

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