Friday, June 10, 2016

Old Town of Pincher Creek computers to be repurposed

Josh Davis - Computer repurposing was the topic at hand at the start of the June 8 meeting of Pincher Creek's Committee of the Whole. Recently the Town upgraded its computer systems, with Trinus Technologies serving as the IT contractor in charge of providing the new equipment. Twelve Town owned, used computers are to be donated, with one to go to the Huddlestun Centre, one to go to the Children's World Day Care, one to go to Group Group Youth, and two to go to the Junction Food Bank. The remaining seven will be offered to Trinus Technologies for distribution to victims of the Fort McMurray Wildfire.

According to documents released by the Town of Pincher Creek, many of the non-profit agencies named above are currently working with outdated technologies, or may require back-up computers to use as redundant systems or for storage.

In an email sent to the Town on Wednesday May 25, Dave White of Trinus Technologies requested "computers that still have functional life left in them, but no longer serve a useful purpose". White stated that while most relief agencies are not accepting such donations at this time, Trinus can find the "appropriate agency in the future who can accept and distribute these computers responsibly." There time frame is to deliver these computers by the end of July, following a secure wipe.

Town Councillor Doug Thornton moved that the computers be donated, and the motion was carried unanimously.

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