Saturday, June 18, 2016

Oldman River Regional Services Commission visits Pincher Creek's Committee of the Whole

Josh Davis - Mike Burla and Lenze Kuiper of the Oldman River Regional Services Commission presented as a delegation during the June 8 meeting of the Town of Pincher Creek's Committee of the Whole. They discussed revisions to the Bylaw 1313 Map, which covers the North Hill west of Hewestson Avenue. The map was updated to show changes to the area. "Its not a perfect map, but its better than what we had a month ago," said Burla. Mayor Don Anderberg said they would be bringing this forward to another meeting.
They also discussed the Land Use Bylaw 1547, the bylaw which determines zoning for the Town of Pincher Creek. The current bylaw is too specific for the council's needs, and amendments were suggested which could consolidate zoning changes to downtown Pincher Creek. However, as a result of changes coming down the pipeline from the provincial NDP, the committee said it didn't make sense to complete an overhaul of the bylaw right now. "It makes sense to start," said Kuiper.

Both Burla and Kuiper stayed to discuss other topics with the committee in-camera.

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