Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Second annual Wear the Gear community bike rodeo held at MCC Arena

Josh Davis - On Thursday June 2 the second annual Pincher Creek Bike Rodeo was held at the MCC Arena in Pincher Creek. Over 70 children as old as twelve were in attendance, riding their bikes around an obstacle course. The event was put together by Parent Link, Brighter Futures, and the Town of Pincher Creek, with assistance and supervision from local emergency service workers. Each child had their bicycle inspected, including a quick tune up if required. Their helmets were checked to see if they fit correctly, and they learned what is a proper fit. Chase Lincez gave a talk about his own bicycle accident last September, a nearly fatal collision with a truck on Main Street Pincher Creek. Hot dogs and water were served to those in attendance.

"We just kind of started it last year, because we thought it was a good environment for kids to learn Bike Safety," said Jacqui Bruns of Pincher Creek Parent Link. "All of these organizations just wanted to work together and bring this cool event to the kids."

"Its been going great actually," said Shani Litchfield of Brighter Futures. "We've had a few minor accidents, but no injuries. Everybody is wearing their helmet, and the kids are having fun."

"I don't remember much of it to be honest," said Chase Lincez of his of his accident last fall. "What happened was I went across the street, over to my left to wave to my friend. I was going a bit faster than I usually do. I had to get home, get the key to the Legion van back to my mum. And I looked to my right, and there was a truck an inch away from my face. That's the last thing I can remember until I was in the ambulance on my way to Calgary." Chase spent three days in the hospital, having fractured his face in three places, his pelvis in two places, and dealing with a collapsed lung. "The lung inflated itself, and they said I was really lucky with my fractures. But they said if it had gone a different way, they would have had to peel my face. And if I wasn't wearing a helmet, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now." Chase said the kids were receptive to his message, and that he was glad to help inform other youth in the hopes they will avoid the mistakes he made.

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