Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Shorts from May 24 meeting of council for the MD of Pincher Creek

  • Fire Hall to include walkway, water resevoir
  • Southfork Hill drainage improvements
  • Commercial dust removal rate lowered by $100
  • MD to grade roads within Castle Mountain area

Josh Davis
Beaver Mines Fire Hall to include walkway, water resevoir

During the May 24 meeting of the Municipal Council of Pincher Creek No. 9 council passed third and final reading of a bylaw amendment involving the Beaver Mines fire hall. The original bylaw was for the use of a fire hall only. The amendment expands the uses for the land to include a future walkway and a water reservoir for future water and sewer to the Hamlet and for the fire hall itself. A public hearing was held regarding these changes on May 10, following its first reading on March 22. Councillor Gary Marchuk excused himself from this vote. On May 24 council swiftly passed the second reading of the amendment, and then moved to discussion.

Director of Development and Community Services Roland Milligan made it clear that while changes to the land use bylaw could result in a variety of additional developments on the land, they would still need to go through the public consultation process, and all new developments would still be subject to the application development process. “It has to come to council for approval,” said Milligan.

Councillor Terry Yagos moved for third reading. Councillor Quentin Stevick asked for a recorded vote. The motion passed, with Stevick the sole opposing vote.

Southfork Hill drainage improvements

In a report from Director of Operations Leo Reedyk, given during the CAOs reports on May 24, Reedyk spoke of a project to upgrade the drainage on the Southfork Hill that was included in the 2016 Capital Plan, to address slumping adjacent to the main arterial road. The project's development identified a lined ditch on the South side of the road as the best option,which will ensure that overland water flow will not enter the road base and cause issues further down slope.

“I requested clarification from our lawyers on the engineering costs, and it was confirmed that those include all of the design to date. It also included funds expended in 2015,” said Reedyk. “Therefore the request to council is not $78000, as included in the package, but in fact $54100.” Reedyk also stated that the plans have changed to avoid running adjacent to or through a nearby camp ground.

Councillor Fred Schoening moved to accept Reedyk’s report as information, and that Council authorize the Reeve and Chief Administrative Officer to sign the contract with Iron Arm Civil Construction Ltd for $271071.21, and further that Council approve the increase in total project cost of $78178.33, with funding coming from Public Works Capital Road Reserve.  The motion was passed.

Commercial dust removal rate lowered by $100

On Tuesday, May 24, MD Council conducted their annual reviews and update to Policy 307 - Dust Control. When it came to amending Policy 307, council had to decide whether to cut the rate for the MD’s dust removal service, leave it the same, or eliminate it entirely.

There are two crews involved in the 2016 the dust control program, one contracted and one composed of Public Works employees. According to Leo contracting out a portion of the dust control job lowered costs to the MD by nearly 50%. He also stated that the contractor kept their price the same in 2016.

Councillor Quentin Stevick moved to reduce the corporate charge from $700 to $600, leave the residential charge at and further that the word corporate be replaced with commercial. The motion was carried. Following this council amended Schedule 307A, adding small of segments of road to the schedule, estimated by Reeve Brian Hammond to cost the MD a few hundred dollars more.

MD to grade roads within Castle Mountain residential area

The Castle Mountain Community Association approached the MD with a request that they grade the roads within the resort’s residential area and parking area, and provide them with gravel. Councillor Fred Schoening moved that the MD grade roads within the Castle Mountain Resort twice a year, and further that the community supply their own gravel.Councillor Gary Marchuk requested a recorded vote. The motion was carried, with Councillors Stevick, Marchuk, and Schoening voting in favour.

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