Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Soccer update

  • U12 Soccer – Crowsnest Pass edges out win against Pincher 1
  • U18 Soccer – Hawks tie game with Elkford
  • Mini Soccer tournament held at Saint Michael's and Canyon schools

Josh Davis

U12 Soccer – Crowsnest Pass 1 edges out win against Pincher 1

On Wednesday May 25 the Pincher 1 U12 soccer team took to the pool field, hosting Crowsnest Pass 1. The Pincher team started off the game looking strong, with Jarron Scotten scoring the lone goal off of the first half. However, Crownest Pass took control of the game in the second half. Pincher Creek’s goaltender Carter Newfeld managed to make several impressive saves in the second half. However, Pincher’s spirits fell as they lost the lead, and the Crownest Pass won 3-1.

“I think they get frustrated when they’re losing, because they aren’t used to that,” said Pincher Creek 1 Coach Lisa Stuckey. “The Crowsnest Pass got two goals on them, and they sort of gave up.” Stuckey said the team hasn’t had that many practices together this year, as a result of weather and scheduling issues. “We practiced all of April, and then May has been games.We’re just working on basic skills, get them to take it outside, take it wide, get it across the middle. They’re doing amazing actually, they’ve come a long way. I think they just got down on themselves.”

Pincher 1 is scheduled to play Elkford on June 1 in Elkford, followed by Pincher 2 on June 15 in Pincher Creek.

U18 Soccer – Hawks tie game with Elkford

On Thursday May 26 the U18 Hawks Soccer team took to Sproule field in Pincher Creek, hosting their counterparts from Elkford. Elkford took a red card early in the game, and played for about an hour with one man down. The game was really close in spite of this, ending in a 2-2 draw.

“I’m definitely not satisfied with that,” said Hawks Head Coach Ondřej Soudek. “We wanted to roll them over.” Soudeck explained that Elkford was allowed to play with only two girls on the field, one girl less than the league rules expect. “Then they got a red card, and we thought it was for us, but we didn’t play really good. We didn’t want to win today, and so we didn’t deserve it.”

Soudeck said that the draw doesn’t eliminate the Hawks' chance of placing first in the league. “It depends on Sparwood, and how they do in their game. But we are taking this as a practice, so we will see in the final tournament, when we’ll be all about it. It’s always nice to be in first, but we’ve got to improve our game first.”

Mini-soccer tournament at Saint Michaels and Canyon School

On Saturday May 28 Pincher Creek hosted its first U6-U10 soccer tournament from 8:45am – 3:30pm. The sun was bright, the skies were clear, and the laughter of children was in the air.Each competing young athlete earned a ribbon and a slurpee coupon. While score was kept, games were played for fun, and for the learning experience.

Pincher Creek's U10 Green Machine chases down Elkford
The U6 and U8 teams played at Canyon School Field. Seven teams total competed at the U6 level, including 3 Elkford teams, two Pincher Creek teams, and two Crowsnest Pass teams. U8 games were played on the two remaining fields at Canyon. Eight teams in total completed, at the U8 level, including two teams from each of Sparwood, Elkford, Crowsnest Pass, and of course Pincher Creek. Each team from U6 – U8 played twice.

Pincher Creek's U6 Timbits won their game against Elkford
The U10 level took place at St Michael’s Field.Eight teams in total played, including three teams from Pincher Creek, two teams Sparwood, two from the Crowsnest Pass, and one team from Elkford. Each U10 team played three games.

U8 Pincher 2 in their game against Elkford
Allison Mahli, coach for the U10 Blue Jalapenos from Pincher Creek, called the tournament a “good learning opportunity,” since the U10s don’t normally get the opportunity to play teams from far away.

The U10 Blue Jalapenos gain control of the ball
“There were some higher competitive teams in this tournament than we would be playing in our own league,” said U8 Pincher Creek Coach Tany Warkentin. “It’s always nice to get more competition, and some different styles of play.” Warkentin said this is one of three tournaments the U8 team is eligible to attend this season.

U6 Pincher Coach Jeanette Davis called the tournament “very well attended for the U6 level,” with 75 children present. Her team of five and six-year-olds went undefeated throughout the tournament. “It’s been a great opportunity for the kids to play on a real field,” said Davis. “Normally we just play on half fields. It’s a great day. I think for us the significant part is having so many people come from all over to play against us.”

Finn Stanfield, goaltender for the U10 Green Machine

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