Saturday, June 18, 2016

Town to support Canada 150 grant applications for combined Spray Park MFP bid, and Curling Club

Toni Lucas - Council for the Town of Pincher Creek discussed applying for the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program second call for funding during their regular meeting on Monday, June 13. The Town applied for the first round of funding to upgrade Central Park and integrate a spray park on the same block Town Hall is located, and the proposal was turned down. This round of the funding program is for up to a maximum of $500,000 in matching grant money.

Recreation Manager Adam Grose discussed using this round of funding for a Multi-Purpose Facility (MPF) enhancement project with the town supplying matching funds up to $500,000. This was previously discussed at the Committee of the Whole meeting as well. Mayor Don Anderberg said "The people who are handing the money out are looking more at refurbishment, or enhancement, than new groundbreaking. This may fit better into their criteria than the past application did. Any funding would be a bonus."

Grose said, "Some of it kind of steered toward phase 2 of the Multi Purpose Facility Development, which includes a waterslide, a therapy pool, and in your package is the AECOM report, which shows that design. There is a big price tag attached to that, mind you." He explained the changes would roughly double the size of the existing facility. Grose said he talked to members of the spray park committee, as this this was one way of achieving the spray park. "They were definitely keen that they wouldn't have to fund-raise more. They are not opposed to this location." Grose said integrating the spray park into the proposal at the MPF. "It's a good fit down there, multi-purpose. Families can go down there, they can go to the skate park, they can go biking, they can go to the library, they can make a full day of it down there." Grose said they can incorporate steps which would allow for expansion at future stages, such as a larger capacity water re-circulation system or other infrastructure. "In doing some of that planning, if we made the plant big enough, we could accommodate a water slide in the future, start thinking ahead like that."

Mayor Don Anderberg said the Pincher Creek Curling Club is planning to go for the same grant for an ice plant. "It would be put of a skid, so it can be reused, at a new facility, and tables and chairs. If they apply for this grant, co-currently with us, is that a problem?" Grose did not see a problem with both applications being submitted, but suggested the Curling Club may need a letter of support from the Town Council, as it is town owned property. Anderberg said the cost of a curling ice plant was $300,000 three or four years ago. "I wouldn't doubt that if they took a quick look around, they would find something that's adequate for that, sitting in some yard, somewhere in Alberta, because it's all the same technology, probably at a really good price." Anderberg said the plant being on a skid allows for future moving of the location of the curling arena, and for transportation if the equipment breaks down, instead of requiring a technician to come to the site.

Councillor Doug Thornton said "As long as we're not going to jeopardize what we're doing with the spray park and the augmentation of the pool, I would support using a portion of the reserve funds for curling rink. If we support it, they're going to need a plant. If they get a grant, even better."

Council discussed putting in the grant for the MPF as the Town of Pincher Creek, and the Town supporting the request to be made from the curling club. Thornton said he supported their bid for the ice plant, but not for the tables and chairs. The Town committed to matching funds for the curling club grant application from the curling club reserves, and for up to $500,000 for the MFP and spray park bid.

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