Wednesday, June 29, 2016

U14 and U18 Hawks host 2016 season end soccer tournaments

2016 Pincher Creek U14 Hawks

Josh Davis - One Saturday, June 25, the Pincher Creek Hawks U14 and U18 soccer teams held their 2016 Junior High and Senior High year-end tournament. The U14 games took place at both Sproule and Halton Field, and the U18 games were played at Halton. Sparwood won first place for the seniors, with Pincher Creek coming in second. Sparwood also won at the U14 level, with Pincher placing third behind Crowsnest Pass. This matches the results from the regular season.

Sparwood, Elkford, the Crowsnest Pass, and Pincher Creek all attended the junior high tournament, which was run in a round robin format. However, the Crowsnest Pass was absent from the senior tournament, resulting in a three-way completion in which the team that won two matches would be the victor. The junior high games were played in two 40 minute halves, while the seniors played two 45 minute halves.

Pincher Creek U14 MVP Lewis Anderson

Jordan Hochstein won the MVP award for Pincher Creek's U18 team. Lewis Anderson won the MVP award for the junior high team. The junior high team celebrated the end to their season with pizza, following the awards ceremonies. Many of the U18 players couldn't attend their awards ceremony, which ended late in the evening.

"I think that they all played really well," said Pincher Creek's U14 coach Lisa Stuckey. "We controlled the pace of a lot of the games. We did all season. But we just couldn't get the ball in the goal. But that's okay. We played hard."

Senior Hawks Head Coach Ondřej Soudek was not present at the event. Special thanks to Kelly Lepine, for keeping the tournament running smoothly throughout the day.

Junior High Results
Pincher Creek vs Crowsnest Pass: 4-2 Crowsnest
Sparwood vs Elkford: 10-1 Elkford
Crowsnest Pass vs Sparwood: Sparwood
Sparwood vs Pincher Creek: 3-0 Sparwood

Pincher vs CNP

Pincher vs Sparwood

Pincher vs Elkford
Crowsnest Pass vs Elkford
Sparwood vs Crowsnest Pass

High School Results

Pincher Creek vs Elkford: 6-1 Pincher Creek 
Pincher Creek vs Sparwood: 4-0 Sparwood 
Sparwood vs Elkford: 5-1 Sparwood

Pincher vs Elkford

Pincher vs Sparwood

Sparwood vs Elkford

Photos: J. Davis, C. Davis, Kage Ttodden
Video: J. Davis

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