Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Alberta Trappers Association meets in Pincher Creek

Beau Brooks carving a wooden bear with a chainsaw

Josh Davis - The Alberta Trappers Association hosted their 43rd Annual Alberta Trappers Association Rendezvous and Outdoorsman Show in Pincher Creek on Friday July 1 and Saturday July 2, at the Community Hall and Horseshoe Pavilion in Pincher Creek. Hosted by local #1110 South Country Trappers Association, the event was a showcase of trapping, skinning, and survival techniques and products. A silent auction was held, ending at 4 pm on Saturday. Breakfast, dinner, and cocktails were served to guests, with a late night dance on Saturday night following the raffles and awards ceremony.

Volunteer Amelia Mercier greeted guests

The Ultimate Trapping Competition took place on both days, with youth and adults competing in two separate categories across several different events. Youth engaged in squirrel snare setting, a fur sack race, and muskrat speed skinning. The adults competed across four categories, including fire starting, making foothold canine sets, a versatility competition in which traps were set for multiple species, a downhill slip n' slide snowshoe race, coyote speed skinning and beaver speed skinning. The Outdoorsman Trade Show took place across both days, and included a photo contest. The Ladies Skillet Toss took place on Friday night at 8:30 pm. A rubber duck race took place on Saturday afternoon in the Pincher Creek. There was also a fur handling competition.

Rubber duck race

Ongoing skinning instructions took place both days. One was given by Emily Lamb on Urban Trapping, and another by the Alberta Conservation Association on Mineral Licks.Ross Hintler gave a presentation about how to give trapping presentations in schools, and a second presentation on the modern, 21st century trapper. A power snare presentation was given by Ryan Demchynski, and a coyote calling presentation was given by Bret Maffenbeier on both days.

Beau Brooks' finished (burnt) bear

Coyote skinning competition

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