Sunday, July 10, 2016

Issues that only God can handle

Joyce Sasse, Spiritual Gleanings

Job was a pretty cool guy according to the Biblical story-tellers. But I think they were also trying to convey how haunting stress can be for all of us.

At the heart of the story lies the assertion God doesn’t cause suffering. However when we face desperate moments, we ask “What wrong did I do that caused this?”

The opening of the story is a mega-tragedy. Job, a fine, upright man, was suddenly hit by one calamity after another. His livestock were stolen, his crops were destroyed, his sons and daughters were killed … and ultimately ulcerated sores covered his body.

Still he staunchly maintained he had done nothing wrong that would trigger God’s judgment and wrath, though I’m sure he spent many sleepless nights and had clouds of despair darken his days.

To explain the point, the old sage dared to recite a monologue in “God’s voice”. It was a powerful, challenging voice. “Job, where were you when I made the world? … Who decided how large it would be? … Who closed the gates to hold back the sea? … Have you ever in your life commanded a day to dawn? …” The extremities of God’s work rolled out like an epic drama.

It’s not mean to diminish the problems and suffering any of us face. But, it is a reminder that we understand God to be powerful, compassionate, and One who is ready to help us handle whatever situations we face.

Our minister said, “Sometimes we spend all our energy trying to deal with issues only God can handle.” Don’t flail yourself. Recognize our precious God-asset.

“Wow”, Job concluded. In the past others told me about you, “but now I’ve met you face-to-face.” That helps me understand your gracious enormity!

Friends, don’t feel you have to shoulder all life’s burdens. Acknowledge those issues that are better left to God!

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