Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pincher Creek's Diane Burt-Stuckey honoured with surprise party

Surprise! Diane Burt-Stuckey
Toni Lucas - The Town of Pincher Creek Director of Community Services Diane Burt-Stuckey was honoured at an invitation only surprise garden party at Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village on Friday, July 15 to celebrate her working for the Town for 37 years and to commemorate her time with the Town by dedicating a part of the walking trail to her. The hail didn't deter the approximately 70 guests in attendance.

Diane looking in the various people gathered at the event, still not sure why...
Burt Stuckey was met by a crowd, and people who yelled "Surprise!".  About ten minutes after she arrived, she was still not yet exactly sure what the party was about.  "I can see it is people I work with, my friends, and family...but I am not sure exactly what is going on yet.  Laurie (Town of Pincher Creek CAO Laurie Wilgosh) let me know it was not my retirement party, so that is good."  She had been lured to the event with the understanding that it was a Rotary function.

Family members traveled to be part of the day

Councillor Jackson gave his well wishes

Diane and her husband Dale

Mayor Don Anderberg
Mayor Don Anderberg gave a speech explaining the history Burt Stuckey has had working at the town, highlighting the many projects she she has spearheaded and groups she has worked with. He said the Town has received many accolades on the recreation facilities in Pincher Creek.  "The praise we receive is directly related to the commitment and work ethic that Diane demonstrates every day."

Anderberg said she has worked with 13 councils, 7 mayors, 5 CAO's and approximately 80 councillors as well as innumerable members of the public during her career.  A delegation of past mayors of Pincher Creek proposed to name the creekside walking trail from Beaver Drive to the bridge that connects the multipurpose facility as 'Diane's Way'.  "You should be very proud of yourself and your accomplishments to have every mayor that you served with propose and support an idea that the present council has endorsed."  She was also given an antique chair, flowers, and greetings from many in the crowd, including Laurie Wilgosh, David Green, Terry Oczkowski, John Verhagen, John Hancock and Wendy Ryan.

Burt-Stuckey is given a commemorative plaque and flowers

Pincher Planters recognized the achievement with a chair and flowers

James VanLeeuwen entertains while Talia looks for new puddles to splash in

Congratulations to Diane Burt-Stuckey

"It's amazing to me. This is so wonderfully heartfelt," said Burt Stuckey.  "It is always an honour and a privilege to showcase our community to others, and talk about what a great place it is to live, and how great the volunteers are.  I have many good memories of my 37 years, for sure."

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  1. Diana Smith19/7/16

    I am so glad to see Diane being honoured for her contributions to Pincher Creek. She is always an excellent representative of our community - friendly, smiling, and willing to help wherever she is needed. She and her husband Dale are remarkable people who make Pincher Creek a better place to live.


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