Saturday, July 2, 2016

Record turnout at annual Pincher Creek cricket match

Josh Davis - Pincher Creek's annual cricket match took place on a sunny Sunday, June 26, at Lions Park. Enthusiasts carefully explained the rules to newcomers, and the games were casual and friendly. Over 26 players, young and old, attended, splitting into two teams. This is up dramatically from previous years, in which teams were unable to field the eleven players necessary for a regular game. Each team got their chance as batter and bowler. The event also drew a crowd of around 20 people. Brief showers early in the morning ended long before the game began, and it was hot on the makeshift oval.

The rules to cricket are simple: the bowler must throw the ball with a straight arm at the bails, tiny wood dowels on the top of the wickets. The batter stands in the crease and attempts to defend the wooden wicket with a bat. When the batter hits the ball, they then run between the two wickets while the other team tries to put them out by catching the ball before it bounces, or tagging the wicket before the runner makes it to the crease.

While the games were played for fun, this didn't stop the players from some gentle ribbing between each other. The environment was welcoming and open. Sportsmanship was fantastic, with good plays getting applause from both teams. However, players had to be careful to take advice from their opponents with a grain of salt.

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