Sunday, July 3, 2016

The real deal

Pastor Chris Ney - It is a simple statement that can make a big impact. Food can be the real deal like when we look at a hamburger that just looks good, dripping with cheese and bacon, and a half a pound of hamburger. In fact I’m dreaming of that as I write this. On the other side we see a great athlete and say man he/she is the real deal. It usually means they are what they say they are, not pretenders or fakes. In a sense they are genuine and authentic. Sometimes we can not put our fingers on it but there is a just a quality about them that says they are real.

What about when it comes to more important things (yes there are more important things in life then a good burger), but really what about the important things, like life. What can we look around and see, touch, smell, and taste? That is usually what we deem then to be real, if fact when I was younger I would say the only real things in life are the things I can smell, taste, touch, and see. What happens when we look around though, we see the mountains, the wildlife, the complexity of a blade of grass. What about the things we can’t use our senses for, what about things like faith, love, anger, bitterness? We know they are there but yet there is a mystery around them, the same can be said for God. We can look all around us and see the beauty of creation. The mountains declare His glory, the rains declare His grace and provision and yet we all at some point wonder if God is real.

God is very real, He is alive and active and in fact is the only real deal there is. The awesome thing is that you can see Him in all that he has created including you and me Genesis 1:27 “So God created man in His own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female He created them.” We have been created in the image of God and yet still choose to not believe He is real. We often choose to believe in hundreds of other religions, and idols and forsake the real God. I did as well at one point or another, and I can assure you that looking to fulfill ourselves in man made religions and idols will always leave you empty. It will satisfy for a time but ultimately will leave you looking for more. Sadly in my life one of the things that put me off of knowing Jesus was the people that follow Him, the ones who would lay out the rules and not follow them. Then God directed me to look at myself and no one else and look at Him and no one else. Then things changed, I didn’t walk into church and expect perfection in fact I was excited when I found the right church that there was more messed up people then just me. Messed up but all aiming for the same goal, to be more like Jesus everyday. See loved ones reading this Jesus does love you and want you to be a part of His family, unfortunately the family has issues. We are bad sometimes at being real and like to wear masks on Sundays, then fall a part the rest of the week. That is not real, I have been convicted to be real, flawed, imperfect, messed up but real and I know that is what we all really want. So in the end here, for those who follow Jesus and are being real I say amen, keep it up. If you are struggling like I was I would plead with you to find a safe place to be. If you are not in the family of believers maybe now is the time you say today is the day, I want to know Jesus.

He only asks we come to Him with our whole hearts, confessing our flaws before Him and Him alone, and accepting Him as Lord and Savior into your life. Today could be the day.

Religion can be fake but Jesus is the real deal.

You are loved.


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Pastor Chris Ney 

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