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2016 Pincher Creek Rodeo Parade

T. Lucas/C.Davis - The 2016 Pincher Creek Rodeo Parade was held Saturday, August 20 along Main Street under a blue sunny sky.  The parade featured the theme 'Through the Ages' with many of the floats having some sort of time related theme, whether past, present, future or some combination of the three.  Hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, this was a judged event with ribbons handed out in various categories (results are near the end of this article).  This parade is all about family. Every year.

 Families line Main Street waiting to watch the pageantry.  Children started the show with a barrage of bicycles and a tiny chuckwagon. These forerunners were a little speedy, so those that lined the streets had to wait a few moments for the Legion and RCMP to catch up. Dignitaries from all over southern Alberta participated, including Pincher Creek Town and Municipal District representatives, MLA Pat Stier, MP John Barlow, and many others.

Pincher Creek Rotary Pancake Breakfast

Many people started off the day with the Rotary Pancake Breakfast held in the Provincial building parking lot.  There over 200 people enjoyed flapjacks and sausage patties cooked by members of the Rotary, and Town and Municipal District Council members.

^ Cowley area residents Gerry and Dorothy Smith submitted the above photos of the parade from their perspective on the southwest corner of the Main Street and Hewetson Avenue intersection. Thanks again you two.

Getting ready

Chamber of Commerce President Reverend Stephen Valcourt was one of many people  in yellow vests who where helping coordinate the parade.  He explained the Chamber of Commerce has ran the parade that opens the Pincher Creek rodeo for  many, many years.  "We can try to say what the parade highlights are going to be, but we are always surprised by someone coming out of the blue and joining us.  It's always fun."

Chamber of Commerce President Reverend Stephen Valcourt

Valcourt said really liked this years theme 'Throughout the Ages'. "What we are hoping is that it is going to go back, and it's going to go forward.  I already saw one float that said 'The future' on it.  It was great to see that."  Part of why they chose this theme this year is to honour the Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village who are having their 50th anniversary celebrations in September. Valcourt said "The Chamber of Commerce is a great organization for businesses and non-profits.  Whoever you are the more people who get involved, the greater our voice and the greater the things we can do to make this a better community."

T. Lucas/C.Davis photos

There were stilt walkers, marching bands, bicycles, floats, cars, quads, horses, farm equipment, antiques, businesses and individuals, and so much more.  Near the end of the parade the local Pincher Creek Emergency Services showed off some of their vehicles.

John and Louise Barlow

Foothills MP John Barlow said, "Its a beautiful day.  It was great to see so many families out enjoying the community.  Today to have such a great weather day, it's phenomenal.  It's a great place to be.  It has been a long summer, I have been on the road a lot, but that is one of my favorite parts of the job is to visit as many people and communities as I can."

Livingstone-Macleod MLA Pat Stier 
Livingstone-Macleod MLA Pat Stier was smiling throughout the parade.  "The parade was a wonderful time.  This is probably my fifth parade in southern Alberta this summer. It was one of the best parades I have been in.  I always enjoy coming here, and I enjoy coming here because of the people.  The people here are so friendly.  Here, I get a wave and a smile from almost everyone on the street.  It has been fabulous."

Ascent Dental's float
Here be Dragons!
Associate Clinic

It was a thrill to sit on the parade route beside Hannah who is going into grade three in the fall.  This was her second parade ever, anywhere.  Her excitement of the event drew smiles, waves and candy.  She was vocal in her appreciation of the procession.  She said repeatedly, "This is awesome!"

Crestview Lodge took the "Through the Ages" theme seriously.  Their float included Marie Smyth, who as born in 1910, and Callie, who was born in 2010.

Bob Westrop
Parade Marshall Bob Westrop both begins and ends the event every year.  He again helped direct the entrants and manned the microphone, introducing everyone as they began their journey down Main Street.  During his announcements at the beginning of the parade Westrop took a moment to remember an absent friend. "This will be the first year in 37 years that Brian Turcott will not be riding his horse down Main Street. So when you see the horses come by, tip your hat to the riders, because we are one rider short this year." After he had ushered on the last entrants, Pincher Creek and District Emergency Services, Westrop drove the route himself, ending the parade. Westrop spoke of the various events going on around town, talked with people along the route via loudspeaker, thanked people for coming, and reminded them to come to the rodeo.

Judy Lane!

Message from the Chamber of Commerce

The Pincher Creek & District Chamber of Commerce would like to thank all parade participants, all volunteers as well as everyone who came to watch the parade. Thanks for your support and we hope to see you all again next year. Thanks to all of our judges for doing a great job.

Since everything has to go so fast during judging, we do apologize for any mistakes in names.

Overall best in parade: Kootenai Brown Pioneer Museum
Overall best in parade: Kootenai Brown Pioneer Museum
Commercial: 1st place: Claresholm Golf Course, 2nd place: The Associate Clinic
Organization/Service Club: 1st place: Pincher Creek ELKS, 2nd place: Kootenai Brown Museum

Commercial First Place - Claresholm Golf Course
First Place Organization/Service Club - Pincher Creek Elks

Mounted horse section
Western Dressed Family: 1st place: Westrop Family
Western Dressed Child Cowboy: 1st place: Truman Westrop
Western Dressed Child Cowgirl: 1st place: Ava Jessen,
Western Dressed Junior Cowboy: 1st place: Tate Jessen, 2nd place: Braden Jessen
Western Dressed Adult Cowboy: 1st place: Michael Whipple
Western Dressed Adult Cowgirl: Audrey and Saren Westrop

Miscellaneous horse section
Glamour Horse: 1st place: Shenoa Jessen
Light Horse Team: 1st place: Alberta Horse and Donkey Club
Small Horse Single/Team: 1st place: Alberta High School Rider
Riding club: 1st place: Pikanii Youth Riding Club, 2nd place: Native Riding Club

Mounted costume section
Mounted Adult Costume 18+: 1st place: Reagan and Dan Bickman
Mounted Child Costume: 1st place: Mia Westrop, 2nd place: Noah Jesson
Miscellaneous: The Giesbrecht Girls

Aboriginal section 
Traditional Adult Female: 1st place: Laverine Riviere, 2nd place: Erin Vanee
Traditional Youth Female: 1st place: Emma Jo Many Guns
Traditional Child Female: 1st place: Haylee Many Guns, 2nd place: Sarah Vanee
Traditional Child Male: 1st place: Justin VanEe, 2nd place: Tucker Many Guns
Traditional Family: 1st place: Charity Many Guns and Family
Traditional Non-family Group: 1st place: Raeann Bad Eagle and Group

Traditional Child Female: Piikani Jr. Princess Haley Many Guns

One of the Heritage Acres displays

Antique Farm Machinery
1st place: Heritage Acres
2nd place: Ken Haness

Cole Schweb's 1969 Mustang
Classic cars
1st place: Jim Cisar's ’29 Durant,
2nd place: Cole Schweb's ’69 Mustang Convertible

Children’s section
Boy bike/quad: 1st place: Joshua and Luka
Girl bike/quad: 1st place: Olivia and Addison
Boy novelty: 1st place: Declan And Cooper Ross, and the Children’s World Daycare
Girl Novelty: 1st place: Hannah

Parade video:

Word on the street afterwards: best Pincher Creek  parade in recent memory.  All the elements fell into place.  Superb job, hats off to the organizers, volunteers, and participants.

Hedderick Insurance Agencies Ltd.

Donna Bruder and Curator Farley Wuth on a KBPV float
Pincher Creek Mayor Dapper Don Anderberg


Vertical Church
Town Councillor Wayne Elliott
Reeve Brian Hammond
Foothills MP John Barlow


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