Sunday, August 7, 2016

About worms and such

Joyce Sasse - Garden-work makes me remember back a few years when I invited neighbour boys to help me build a worm-farm. The farm was contained in a wooden box, with moist bedding and protection from the sun and yard critters.

Worms were collected from the garden and from the sidewalk on rainy mornings. It’s amazing how much a two year old can spot when built so close to the ground. It’s challenging to find the right approach so the five year old might take his farm-chores seriously.

Later that summer the boys’ mother asked if I knew they were being transferred out of the community (because I was usually told everything that happened at home). “I thought not”, she replied when I shook my head. “Tommy’s upset and doesn’t want to talk about it. Would you see what you can do to help him?”

“I just thought I’d mention”, I told the boys next day, “you’ve been such a help, I don’t think I could take care of this worm-farm without you.”

It took a few more days of hinting and suggesting before Tommy asked, “What would happen if you couldn’t take care of things?”

“Probably it would be best to put them back in the garden.” That’s when the tears flowed as the story of moving was told and hugs were exchanged. We dug a shallow trench so our little buddies could be released to make worm-condos.

Just before the family moved, the little one and I dug potatoes for their supper. Believe it or not, we’d gotten to know our crawlers so well that Nathan spotted “The King”! Worms can become pets.

Our shared summer experience affirm what gifts surround us. Treasures found in God’s world are more precious than any I-Pad or Face Book or story-made-for TV can deliver.

How fortunate we are to be embraced in the arms of our Creator!

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