Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Crestview highlights for July 2016

Excavation begins for the new Crestview Lodge (file photos)
Greetings from Crestview Lodge - July was a great month with many great people who came to visit us here at Crestview Lodge. Canada Day was a beautiful soul-lifting day for us here. Ann Nicols came in and shared a program with us. The music was a pure joy and so is Ann. Thanks so much for spending your time and energy with us.

Crestview Lodge residents on Canada Day (submitted photo)

Craig West and his family came in to play for us. They are such a delight! Craig himself sings and his wife plays the piano. The kids are so cute to watch dance. The family sure have a great time entertaining all of us. We hope to book them again soon.

Farley S. Wuth
It has been a bit of a soggy summer here and there but so far the weather has still held out for any trips we have gone on. The bus tours with Farley Wuth from the museum are as always fun. This month we traveled to the Fishburn, Utopia and St. Henrys Church areas. Such a beautiful area! Mountains Prairies and the Waterton Dam all in our sights. Next with Farley was the Cowley and Lundbreck areas. Very nice drive, believe it or not many residents haven’t been there before so they really enjoyed it. We had even gone down to the Boat Club and toured the sites. The people already camping were waving and smiling at us as we slowly drove through all the roads. We did not think it was that big! Well kept, clean and friendly, lovely people. Thank you for letting us drive through, we enjoyed the views.

Cowley Ridge in the background, note absence of windmills, August 2016 - T. Lucas photo
Next was the Annual Bruder Picnic that we join Vista Village on. Our new resident Jerry S. played his pandolin. Yes a Pandolin. He made it from a frying pan! He played some joyful little tunes on it. We greatly enjoyed the entertainment and his laughter. We had a wonderful meal and Vista ladies made a very yummy potato salad that we are still raving about. A Big Thank You to Melanie at Vista for inviting us again and a Huge Thank You to Tony and Loraine Bruder for letting us invade and enjoy the day with you all. So very enjoyable you all are to spend time with.

Charlie Price
Some other people we have enjoyed seeing and spending time with is Charlie Price with his slide shows. This round was California. Charlie sure takes some fabulous pictures. We love traveling through his eyes. 
MD of Pincher Creek Councillor Quentin Stevick 
Quentin Stevick and his slide shows on Russia have been wonderful. Quentin’s slide shows are about working in Russia on farms and more. Definitely different to travel down the not so traveled paths in Russia with Quentin. 

Betty Smith
Betty Smith is another person we have had the great pleasure to spend time with. Betty has been coming in to read to us the stories from the new book Family Secrets. All of you are so awesome for taking your time and energy to spend with us!

Lastly we enjoyed lunch at the Twin Butte General Store. That was a fantastic afternoon. The trip out had some spectacular views. The food delicious and the staff so welcoming. Couple of residents partook in some delightful refreshment to help top of a great lunch. One resident said the margaritas were real good. If you haven’t gone to eat at the Twin Butte General store before you might want to put it on your list to do.

I guess that’s all for now. Take care everyone!

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