Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dolphins swim club requests a waiver of swim meet fees

Toni Lucas - Council for the Town of Pincher Creek held a regular meeting on Monday evening, August 22. During this meeting they heard from a delegation from the Pincher Creek Dolphins Swim Club. Dolphins representative Kari Grandoni asked if the Town could waive the Pincher Creek Pool rental fee of $1116.20 for the annual local swim meet  that was held June 10-11. "It brings 250 swimmers and their families to our area." Grandoni listed a number of ways people who attend a swim bring commerce to an area by buying fuel, snacks, groceries, eating at restaurants, and staying at hotels and campgrounds. She said the club gets donations from local businesses and alumni, and is active in fundraising. "We are a very active club. Our goal is to try and keep registration (cost) low to allow local families to participate."

Councillor Doug Thornton asked how many of the families come from outside of the town of Pincher Creek, and if the club would make a similar request of the MD of Pincher Creek. Grandoni said the club had not considered asking the MD, as it was her understand the facility is a Town of Pincher Creek facility. (According to Administration the pool is solely the Town’s responsibility, however the Municipal District of Pincher Creek makes a lump sum contribution that goes to recreational facilities, which does include the pool).  Mayor Don Anderberg thanked Grandoni for her presentation and said the request would be looked into at a future meeting of Town Council.

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