Thursday, August 4, 2016

Former Town of Pincher Creek councillor Tammy Rubbelke thanked for her service

Town of Pincher Creek Mayor Don Anderberg and former councillor Tammy Rubbelke

Chris Davis - Former Town of Pincher Creek councillor Tammy  Rubbelke was thanked for her service to the town and was presented with a gift watch at yesterday's Committee of the Whole meeting, in a brief ceremony presided over by Mayor Don Anderberg.  "On behalf of council and the citizens of Pincher Creek I want to thank you for your services to this community," said Mayor Anderberg.

During his presentation Anderberg noted the extensive ongoing infrastructure work underway around town, saying Rubbelke should be proud of her contributions to the planning process. "You were a big part of this group making those decisions and now some of them are coming to fruition, so you should be proud of that."

"Thank you very much, you were a valued member of council and of the community and one day you may come back and bug us again."

Rubbelke was visibly moved by the presentation.  "I have been following you guys very closely, just so you know, you're not getting away with anything," she said with a laugh.  "I regret that my life circumstances made me make the decision to move on, but I never had a better mentor than Don Anderberg, truly he was a valuable resource in my first go... I respect and I appreciate what you did for me, and working with you guys, I've got to say, lots of fun. Congratulations Duane (councillor Duane Filipuzzi, who now occupies her former seat at council), I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. "

"I have been following you guys and appreciate all the work you guys put in and I do miss it.  Laurie (Town CAO Laurie Wilgosh), you and your staff, the best, I can't say enough about it.  I do brag you up quite a bit at my new digs, (saying) you need to learn from our south partners because they know what they're doing."

"Thank you for taking the time to do this for me today."

"Back to work boys, play time's over."

Tammy Rubbelke was one of six Town of Pincher Creek councillors acclaimed after the election of September 23, 2013. At that time she told the Voice "I want to bring to the table my experience from working a bit on the other side of the fence in administration," later explaining "I worked in the Town administration for a little while, and I did taxation in the MD of Pincher Creek for about five years. I've seen it from the other side of the fence, and thought I should see it from this side of the fence. Now I'm really going to know what it's all about."  She was an active member of council for almost two years before resigning for personal reasons in October 2015.  After approximately 14 years as a resident of Pincher Creek she moved north to Rocky Mountain House, where she currently resides.

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