Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Life’s challenges

Joyce Sasse

Joyce Sasse Spritual Gleanings -  “How am I ever going to cope?” The challenge involved in my getting a new computer runs parallel with so many of the challenges we have to face in everyday living.

The reminder is that we simply have to carry on even when the burden of facing imminent change seems overwhelming.

It helps if we can pause long enough to recall what we have met as we faced other challenges and survived. Somewhere deep within, there are tools that equip us. There are supports that enable us.

At first we flounder. We feel helpless and alone. Along comes a friend, or a memory, or a moment when we catch a glimpse of hope. Maybe it’s just enough to help us believe it is possible to move ahead. Slowly, hesitantly, overwhelmed at times by fears and tears, we gather courage to venture one more step into the unknown. It’s OK.

We remind ourselves it takes time to accept the changes and make the necessary adjustments. We remember to pause before we exhaust ourselves. Step back. Reflect on what has happened. Check to see if today is an improvement over yesterday … and the day before. Anticipate how it might be possible to make one more step.

“Slow me down, Lord” … Ease the feelings of helplessness … of isolation … of despair. Remind me of the simple gifts you offer new each day. Help me realize my potential and recognize my limitations.

Whatever the challenges, however great the burdens, help us remember to offer thanks for the air, food, water and love that sustain us and enable us to carry on.

May I, in turn, look for ways I can be a support to others.

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