Monday, August 22, 2016

2016 Children's Festival and Dance in the Park another huge success

Toni Lucas - A Children's Festival, Dance, and Movie in the Park was held in the park behind Pincher Creek's Town Hall on the evening of Friday, August 19. The event was hosted by the Town of Pincher Creek Recreation department. The event was free to the public as were many of the attractions.  Town of Pincher Creek Summer Activity Coordinator Kiera Greenly organized the 2016 Pincher Creek Children's Festival.  She has a good understanding of the event as she has been bringing younger family members to it for about 4 years.

Rabjot learning to DJ
"This is the annual Children's Festival, It's a fun event to kick off the rodeo weekend," explained Greenly.  "It is a fun event for the kids to come out and enjoy a bunch of activities.  It's a nice evening for this, and a good vibe going on.  It's all about good times."  Greenly is a summer student and will be going back to school in the fall to work on her degree in education.  "This is pretty much my last event for the summer."  The kids ran, played games and danced to upbeat tunes, and were contained in the park area so parents felt safe mixing and visiting.

Town recreation staff estimate there were close to 300 people in attendance at the peak with people coming and going as they pleased. There was a great list of things to do: Bouncy castle, Giant Twister, human Foosball, Fire Truck, rope the saddle, mini golf, sandbox with dinosaurs, fish for ducks, craft tables, dress up photo booth, and various concessions. After the activities everyone was welcome to settle in and watch a movie in the park, the animated film 'The Croods'.

The kids had a great time doing crafts, running, playing, dancing, and challenging themselves and each other to games like three legged races and sack races. Kids hula-hooped, climbed on the jungle gyms and bounced in the bouncy tents.  They imagined being archaeologists and dug dinosaurs out of the sand, had their faces painted by volunteers from Children's World Daycare.  Occasionally kids would just make up their own games and invite a friend to play along.  Everywhere you looked there was a bustle of activity.

Demi. Michallie Brown, Kiera Greenly

This is an annual event where many of these children come every year.  One parent said it is a great time to get to know other parents, and a chance for their children to see their friends before school starts again in the fall.  Greenly wanted to thank all those who helped with the Children's Festival, including Town staff Marie Everts and Rhonda Oczkowski.

Greyson, Clayton, and Luke


Luke and Dad Nathan Long Muir


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  1. What a grand experience to read a news item that shows fun, games, happiness, and all the things that one hopes for children (and grown-ups) to experience.
    Picher Creek should be very very proud of this event.
    Marion Hopkins, Ontario.


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