Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Pincher Creek's north hill area structure plan to include R4 designation

Toni Lucas - At their regular meeting of Monday August 22  Council for the Town of Pincher Creek gave Bylaw #1313-A first reading.  The bylaw is a wording amendment to Bylaw #1313 North Hill area structure plan number one,  which has to do with a multi-family residential area rezoning on Pincher Creek's north hill, which was originally passed by Town council April 18, 2016.

The Town's Planning Department recommended an update to the Area Structure Plan for the north hill area for consistency, since approximately 3.62 acres in the area have been changed from Residential - Rl to Multi-Family Residential - R4.

Council agreed to hold a public hearing on Bylaw #1313-A to amend Bylaw #1313 North Hill Area Structure Plan Number One on September 12, 2016 before consideration of any further reading of the proposed bylaw.

Town of Pincher Creek graphic

Councillor Doug Thornton declared a pecuniary interest in the discussion and excused himself from the room for both the discussion and voting.

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