Monday, August 29, 2016

Town of Pincher Creek pursues public transit funding

Toni Lucas - Council for the Town of Pincher Creek held a regular meeting on Monday evening, August 22. Council directed administration to move forward with an application to the Green Transit Initiative Program for a public transit system.  At this point the estimated total project cost is $455,000. Mayor Don Anderberg said "The GreenTRIP funding is two thirds/one third. Two thirds Provincial/Federal money, one third municipal, if we are successful." He later added that in the town of Pincher Creek school busing has been an issue for years. "We may be able to solve that issue, with this grant."

Administration informed council that the estimated capital cost for initiating a Pincher Creek bus service would be $455,000. This figure was to include the cost of purchasing one bus, and the construction of 25 bus zones, 5 passenger shelters, and 5 benches, according to the preliminary transit service business plan provided by HDR Inc.

Councillor Doug Thornton said "This is an important thing for the future of our community."

During the meeting council also discussed allocating up to $5,000 to HDR Incorporated from the CAO discretionary account to pay for the preparation of a grant application and business case for the Green Transit Incentives Program funding, or GreenTRIP. Mayor Don Anderberg said, "The Federal government has basically doubled the amount of money that's available for the Green Trip funding. The application for that funding is the end of August, and we have a consultant that drew up the business plan for us make the application for the funding." Council voted unanimously to allocate the funding.

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