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2016 Heritage Acres Fall Fair - upholding rural traditions

1917 Case Steam Engine

Toni Lucas - Heritage Acres hosted their fifth annual Fall Fair on Saturday, Sept. 17.  This year they had displays, demonstrations, bench exhibits, and a market with 35 vendors.  There were some new additions including a turkey shoot, a barn hunt for dogs, book readings. and other activities.

The fair harkens back to a heritage filled with ideals.  Not only was a Fall Fair a time of celebration for the harvest, but also helped renew old ties with friends and show off some of what you have achieved throughout the year.  Nowhere was this more apparent than at the bench exhibits.  This was a place for people to showcase their achievements and be recognized for their skills.   The exhibits had 14 sections of traditional homemaking skills such as baking, canning, needlework, and sewing. Other skills featured included gardening for flowers or vegetables, leatherwork, woodworking, poultry and eggs, cheese, and honey.  According to pleased organizer Debbie Berg, close to 30 people entered the bench exhibits, some in multiple categories.

Author/Illustrator Dorothy Cumming
There were displays of textile arts including weaving, spinning, and knitting.  There was butter making and ice cream making along with threshing machines and a demonstration at the sawmill.  All of the buildings were open to the public so people could look at the regular displays in between demonstrations.  Author/illustrator Dorothy Cumming was one of many people who were enjoying the atmosphere and the scenery.  She literally drew her inspiration from the grounds, sketchbook in hand.

Barn hunters Cindy Mauthe and Hopey
A popular draw this year was the barn hunt for dogs.  This challenge is usually done with rats, however in Alberta due to the province's rat free status they used gerbils.  Over 60 people came with their canines of all breeds.  The object was to have your dog find a rodent hidden inside a course that had many, many places a rodent could hide, and signal the owner they had found something.  The gerbils were safe inside of bite proof tubes.  Inside of each tube there might be an actual gerbil, or gerbil bedding that smelled similar to a live rodent and acted as a decoy, or the tube might be empty and clean.  It proved to be an exciting event for the dogs, their owners, and the people who came and watched the spectacle.

Upcoming at Heritage Acres is the December 2, 2016 annual Christmas Candlelight Service, followed the next day with Breakfast with Santa .  Their 30th Annual Show will be held August 4, 5, and 6,  2017, and will honour International Harvester.

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Sawmill in action

File video of sawmill in action


Connie Carlson demonstrates spinning
Vendors Bill and Elaine Featherstone 
Vendor Connie Hochstein
Vendors Roberta and Robert of R and R Horseshoe Art
Dave Carlson demonstrates spinning
Laurel Francis demonstrates weaving
Val with daughter Meg Wyner at Betty Heppner's table
Vendor Peggy
Vendor Vonda Giroux
Vendor Heather Dodd

Vendor Sharon Gearing
Vendor Tammy Luchansky
Vendors Jannet Findlater and Vonda Giroux

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