Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Be Bear Smart in Pincher Creek

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Town of Pincher Creek - There have been a few bear sightings this fall in Pincher, please do your part to help remove wildlife attractants.

Being BearSmart in Pincher Creek

Situated on the edge of the Rockies and in the heart of some of Alberta’s finest agriculture land, Pincher Creek is situated in a stunning location. Beyond the community lies important wildlife habitat that occasionally wanders into town.

Food deliberately or unwittingly provided by human neighbours entices wildlife into the community, compromising the safety of both animals and community residents. Deer or moose that wander into town to feed on attractants can be followed by predators such as cougars.

Pincher Creek would like to work towards eliminating wildlife attractants and reducing the number of human-wildlife encounters.

What are wildlife attractants?

Garbage, Apples, Bird/hummingbird feed, Compost, Barbecues, Pet food, Human food

How can we be BearSmart?· 
  • Only put your garbage out on the morning of pick-up.
  • Pick your apples and berries and windfall regularly.
  • Consider indoor composting (worms or electric composter) instead of outdoor composting.
  • Use bird feeders only between October 31-April 1. If the weather in late fall or early spring is mild, contact Fish and Wildlife to see if they recommend having feed available.
  • Store pet food indoors and bring in pet dishes overnight.
  • Never leave food out for wildlife.
  • Plant non-fruit bearing trees and shrubs when landscaping.
  • Participate in a BearSmart education event.
Report all bear and cougar sightings to our local Fish and Wildlife Office 403 627 1116 or after hours call Report-A-Poacher at 1 (800) 642-3800.

Read the BearSmart Program guide and share the info with neighbours, family and friends.

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