Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Beaver Mines potable water distribution and sanitary collection project update

Chris Davis - At their September 27 meeting council for the MD of Pincher Creek considered a recommendation by Director of Operations Leo Reedyk to authorize a contract with MPE Engineering Ltd for detailed design and tender work for the Beaver Mines Potable Water Distribution and Sanitary Collection Engineering project, with funding of $480,000 in funding to come from the Regional Water Infrastructure Reserve.

According to Reedyk, "By initiating the engineering component of the project, the detailed design and tender and award components of the project will provide Council with a current probable cost in 2017 dollars. The November 2014 study's opinion on probable cost was $4,174,000.00. Confirming the amount will enable Council to determine the amount of grant funding that will be needed for this component of the project. Funding from the Regional Water Infrastructure Reserve can be replenished when the source of project funding is identified."

Once the project has been tendered the tender results are to be brought back to council for consideration.

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