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Crowsnest-Pincher Creek Landfill holds open houses about proposed incinerator project

EWS Steve Meldrum, CNPCL Emile Saindon and NSEC Cody Halleran
Photo T. Lucas, slides from 
CNPCL management presentation

Toni Lucas - Crowsnest-Pincher Creek Landfill (CNPCL) hosted a series of three open houses in Blairmore, Lundbreck and Pincher Creek regarding the possibility of installing and operating a two-stage combustion biomass incinerator at the landfill site from September 12-15. In total 87 people attended. CNPCL plans to apply in January, 2017 to Alberta Environment and Parks for approval to run an incinerator. CNPCL administration estimates it will take at least 2 years to get approval and start the project.

If the incinerator is approved it will be monitored onsite, and by Alberta Environment and Parks. CNPCL is also looking into a third party monitor as well. According to landfill representatives they are looking for safe and cost effective ways to reduce and eliminate various kinds of waste through the landfill. CNPCL Manager Emile Saindon said "The full intent of the facility is to incinerate carcasses. Animal carcasses," adding there will also be agricultural plastics and wood waste burned in the proposed incinerator.

The management of the CNPCL showed a presentation at the open houses.  Staff and a number of project partners were on hand to answer questions, including representatives from Eco Waste Solutions, North Shore Environmental Consultants, and Integrated Sustainability Consultants Limited.

Manager Saindon said "We have about 18 months of Provincial Government applications just to get a license to operate, nevermind thinking about putting one up." He said he believes the presentation explains the process and the work that hos gone into the planning of the project, however there were questions from the public after the presentations. "There were all kinds of questions from why, to types of emissions, to costs. The majority of that stuff will be in the final report, and it will be on our website when it is all done." He believes the final report will be ready in a few months, and the presentation is to be on the CPPCL website later this week.

Two other companies presenting at the open house included President and CEO of Eco Waste Solutions (EWS) Steve Meldrum, who was on hand as his company is to be the manufacturer of the incinerator. North Shore Environmental Consultants (NSEC) Senior Manager Cody Halleran showed air quality plume dispersion models to mathematically simulate how air pollutants disperse in the ambient atmosphere.

The approximate waste mix to be processed in the biomass incinerator is expected to be 70-75% carcasses, 20% PE silage bags which are non-chlorinated, and 10% wood wastes.

What is planned is to be a smokeless low emission two stage incinerator, which is estimated to reduce volume and weight of material burned by over 95%. The unit is to burn at 1000 degrees Celcius and is to be capable of destroying animal prion diseases. This includes bovine spongiform encephalopathy also known as BSE or mad cow disease, scrapie that affects goats and sheep, and chronic wasting disease which affects deer, elk and moose.

CNPCL currently estimate they receive an average of 115 tonnes of silage bags per year composed primarily from polyethylene.

Wildlife Carcasses
Average of 200 to 250 tonnes per year

Pig and Chicken Farms
Average 700 tonnes per year

Anticipated once approved for beef carcasses:
Bovine Farms
Average 200 to 250 tonnes per month for 3 months during calving season
Regular mortality would average 600 tonnes per year

The CNPCL used the opportunity of the open house meetings to inform the public about a variety of programs they do including recycling, e-cycling, and community initiatives.

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  1. Holding open houses at odd times that most of the working public are well working. Attempting to "inform " the public with pretty much no info on those open houses. Couldn't even find anything telling people about the open houses. How convenient. No a little to convenient. Doesn't take an idiot to figure out that burning plastic is burning plastic. If we are taking that much extra garbage maybe we should not be taking people's garbage from other provinces. Many people STILL are. It aware of what is being attempted to be snuck
    Behind their backs. Gotta hit a albertan while their down and barely making ends meet and add to the increasing costs because there are always costs associated wit these type of projects that are hidden but will be out in the open once it goes through. Scary times people , scary and what's worse this has dirty money all over it. Sad.


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