Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Crowsnest Royal Canadian Air Cadets recognize achievements, begin new training year

859 Crowsnest Squadron Royal Canadian Air Cadets -  Flight Sergeant Sadie Bannick was presented with the Air Cadet Long Service Medal on Monday night, September 12th. It reflects 4 years of hard work in the cadet program. She is almost complete her air cadet training and is currently tasked with instructing classes to junior cadets each week. On this same night, a number of other cadets received rank promotions on parade: Matthias Vanderplas and Daniel Poloni were promoted to Flight Corporal, and Elijah Lawson was promoted to Sergeant.

During July and August, a few cadets were selected for and attended cadet summer training courses. Coporal Nicholas Vaillant attended the two-week General Training course in Cold Lake AB, meant to introduce cadets to basic cadet skills and life away from home at a summer training centre. Flight Corporal Daniel Poloni attended the three-week Basic Drill and Ceremonial course in Vernon BC, focusing on leadership and parade square drill movement skills. Flight Corporal Tessa Spain attended the 3-week Basic Sports and Fitness course in Cold Lake AB, focusing on developing recreational sports, healthy living and fitness skills. Flight Corporal Jaeger Hann attended the 3-week Basic Aviation Technology and Aerospace course in Gimli MB, focusing on aircraft manufacturing and maintenance, aerospace, and airport operations skills. Also, both Flight Sergeant Austin Pool and Sergeant Brennen Clarke attended the 6-week Drill and Ceremonial Instructor Course in Vernon BC, focused on developing them to a high standard of leadership and qualifying them as instructors. Summer training is provided free to the cadets, as is their transportation, room and board. In fact, the cadets receive a training bonus of $60/week.

It is notable as well that Warrant Officer 2nd-Class Chase Lincez was employed as a staff cadet instructor in Vernon BC during the summer. He was paid a salary to lead and train junior cadets undergoing training courses at the summer training centre.

The air cadet squadron has had good success in retaining senior cadets, who are ready to pass their knowledge on to new recruits. New recruits are needed now, to keep the program strong. 859 Crowsnest Squadron cadets typically train at least 1 weekend-day per month in addition to their weekly training on Mondays (6:30 PM to 9:15 PM, Elks Hall, Blairmore). New recruits are always welcome, for youth from 12-18 years old. There is no cost to join and uniforms are provided free of charge. Pincher Creek youth have the option of van transportation from the Pincher Creek Legion to the Elks Hall in Blairmore each week. Please note there are opportunities for adults to enroll as an officer in the Cadet Instructors Cadre, a component of the Reserve Force concerned with training cadets specifically. The Squadron Sponsoring Committee, comprised of volunteers who support and help fund the cadet program, is also in need of new members. Questions can be directed to

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