Thursday, September 1, 2016

Eleven guns seized at Coutts border crossing in less than 24 hours

Canada Border Services Agency - Just days after the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) launched its campaign reminding U.S. travellers of the requirement to declare all firearms at the border, officers at the Coutts, Alberta, crossing seized 11 guns in three separate incidents from American visitors on August 26 and 27:

While searching a moving truck during a routine examination, officers found nine undeclared guns: an AR-15 assault rifle, three .380-calibre pistols, a 20-gauge shotgun, a .308-calibre rifle, a .22-calibre rifle, and two air rifles with a velocity of over 500 feet per second.

While searching a pickup truck, officers uncovered a .45-calibre revolver, which had not been declared.

While searching a car, officers found an undeclared .40-calibre handgun.

CBSA charges are pending in each of these cases, and all three travellers are scheduled to appear in Lethbridge Provincial Court on October 19, 2016.

Quick Facts
  • Last year, the Coutts border crossing recorded the most firearms seized (39) out of any border crossing in Western Canada.
  • As of August 28, CBSA officers at Coutts have seized 45 undeclared firearms in 2016. Twenty-eight were handguns.
  • Travellers can avoid firearms charges by simply declaring all guns in their possession at the first opportunity when entering Canada.
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