Sunday, September 25, 2016


Joyce Sasse - We get depressed when we give in to our baser nature. So many issues and problems confront us daily – issues of health, of family, of finances; issues of broken relationships, of conflict, of negativity and fear-mongering.

It happens because we are mortal beings who have to face the realities of failure, of conflict, of aging, of death … But that’s not the whole story.
Something of God’s DNA is implanted in each of us. Some think of that imprint as our “soul”. Just as we learn to nurture and develop our physical self, so too we have to give attention to our spiritual self. One minister referred to it as being in-spirited (inspired) to seek after what gives our lives depth and purpose.

When being intentional about our spiritual selves we might try to develop a “fitness program” for our souls. Ask questions about right and wrong, truth and falsehood, positivity and negativity. Acknowledge that which is painful, but look for glimpses of hope. Listen for stories of those who have experienced crises but found sources of strength to carry on. Search for practises that can be soul-building – like prayer, meditation, belonging to a faith-building community, finding mentors that inspire.

In the Christian story we learn about a God who loves what has been created, who is compassionate enough to come in the person of Jesus to show us our heritage, and who dwells in our midst through the Holy Spirit. We can strengthen our capacity to be touched by reverence, wonder and gratitude.

Priscilla Warner has written “The world is imperfect, but there are millions of perfect moments.” We are enriched as we seek how to share this blessing with others.

In a hymn about being touched by the presence of the Spirit, we sing “In the passage of her flight, her song rings out through the night, full of laughter, full of light” … that joy-filled Spirit dwells in each of us.

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