Friday, September 30, 2016

Matthew Halton High School hosts post secondary scholastic fair

NAIT Rep. B.A. Carly Livingstone
Toni Lucas - Matthew Halton Gym was the site of a post secondary scholastic fair of Thursday, September 22. At one point in the evening there were over 150 people in the gym looking to improve their understanding of their educational future. Representatives from members of the Educational Liaison Association of Alberta were on hand to help guide anyone who was ready to look for answers to questions like:  'What happens after I graduate?' 'My interests are __, how do I make that a career?' and 'How do I apply?'.  Whether the student has already had a good understanding of which post secondary path they wish to pursue or are still searching for what they think their best career path and campus to suit them, there were recruiters from the representative campuses ready to answer questions.

Canadian Forces Rep. Sgt. Ashley Fournier-Montalvo
Students from all of the local schools were welcome to attend.  Many came with their parents or other family members. Deciding where to live, who to invest their future with, and who has the best programs for their personal interests are all very real questions for many of the students who attended. Each booth had information packages specific to their site or campus and a representative on hand to answer questions which don't always get handled in the packages.

Full-time students in Canada paid an average of $16,600 for post-secondary schooling in 2014–2015. That is more than $66,000 for a four-year program.  (from

Alberta College of Art and Design Rep. BFA Katie Potapoff
A number of students who talked with the representatives are still years away from leaving high school.   Some of the institutions represented included St. Mary's University, The King's University, Mount Royal University, Ambrose University, Alberta College of Art and Design, Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre, NAIT, University of Alberta, Lethbridge College, and the University of Lethbridge.  They are all hoping to see students from this area attending their campuses,  They left the students with a lot of homework to check out for deciding their future.

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