Tuesday, September 6, 2016

MD of Pincher Creek council passes Patton Park playground equipment proposal

Proposed playground equipment site (Patton Park Society image)

Christian Davis - At their August 23 meeting council for the MD of Pincher Creek agreed to initiate the project to install used playground equipment in Lundbreck's Patton Park, with $21,904 in funding to come from the MD's Public Reserve Trust Fund.

Councillor Quentin Stevick cast the lone dissenting vote after earlier objecting to "out of the blue" budget requests that didn't use the established annual budget process. "We try to do a budget for the year, we try to plan ahead... then we get this request..." Councillor Garry Marchuk responded, saying "This is a real bargain" before casting his assenting vote.

In their request for the funding the Patton Park Society (established fall of 2015) explained again their mission to seek out "opportunities to revitalize the park, so that it can be used as a gathering place and sport facility for the community and the school, as well as for visitors to the area. The Livingstone Range School Division recently received a grant to replace a portion of the playground
equipment at the Lundbreck School. They held an auction to dispose of the old equipment being replaced."

According to the society's letter to council, Patton Park Society President Kathy Rast was the successful bidder at $1,001 for the equipment being replaced. "The equipment is newer equipment requiring only minor improvements to bring it up to current CSA standards."

"Arrangements have been made to have the playground equipment inspected for $900 to ensure that any modifications required to bring it up to CSA standards can be incorporated into the construction plan."

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