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Mustangs Football to Sept. 19. 2016


2016 Pincher Creek Bamtam Mustangs
The Bantam Mustangs played the Lethbridge Coyotes on home field on Saturday, September 10.  Home field did not give them an advantage and they were shutout.  One issue is the team needs more players to stay viable this season.

Bantam Mustangs vs Coyotes


Senior Mustangs vs Claresholm
The Senior Mustangs have had two away games and one home game so far this season. On the road they defeated McCoy 22 - 12  and lost to the Canmore Wolverines 21 -7.  On Friday, September 16 the Mustangs hosted Claresholm's Willow Creek Cobras for what was to be a closely contested game. The Cobras won 6 - 0.  The next Senior Mustang game will be hosted in Taber on Friday, September 23.


2016 Pincher Creek Pee Wee Mustangs

Pincher Creek hosted the Mustangs Football Little League Pee Wee Tournament at two local fields on Saturday, September 10.  This was a very exciting landmark tournament for PeeWee Football in Pincher Creek.  They are now in a league and had 11 teams playing a total of 20 games. Participants at the tournament included the Cardston Cougars, Lethbridge Coyotes, Claresholm Raiders, Raymond Comets, Lethbridge Rams, Magrath, Lethbridge Bulldogs, Taber Rebels, Cardston Cougars 1, Cardston Cougars 2, and the host team was the Pincher Creek Mustangs.

Lethbridge Rams (green) vs Cardston Cougars (blue) 

Raymond Comets (red) vs Lethbridge Bulldogs (orange)

Magrath (yellow) vs Pincher Mustangs (blue)
The teams played on both the Matthew Halton School Field and on Sproule Field.  Each game was a 50 minute game played on a half field.

Southern Alberta Minor Football Association (SAMFA) Commissioner Dave Overes was on hand for the occasion.  "I came to watch the bantam game, I am also here to supervise the PeeWee Jamboree.  This is the first year the PeeWees are going to play full football. They are doing special teams, kicking, field goals, all of that stuff.  They are going to have official referees instead of the coaching refs. It's real football as opposed to scrimmage style.  I'm just making sure everything runs smoothe."

SAMFA Commissioner Dave Overes
This is a seeding tournament," explained Commissioner Overes. All 11 PeeWee teams in SAMFA were at the tournament, and they will be able to use this tournament as a benchmark to match teams against each other for the most appropriate levels so the kids stay challenged.  "There are 10 teams in the Bantam League."  Overes has been a Coach for 12 years working with both the Lethbridge Jr. Cougars, and the Coaldale Spartans.

Raymond Comets (white) vs Lethbridge Coyotes (red)
Ramond Comets (red) vs Pincher Creek Mustangs (blue)
Ramond Comets (red) vs Pincher Creek Mustangs (blue)

Rams (green) vs Cougars (blue)
Pincher Creek Mustangs (blue) vs Claresholm Raiders


Matthew Halton Field
Cougars - 5, Pincher - 2
Coyotes - 3, Cardston 2 - 0
Raymond - 6, Bulldogs - 0
Cardston 1, 2 Rams - 0
Cardston 1 - 0, Taber - 1
Coyotes - 3. Raymond - 5
Cardston 2 - 0, Rams - 2
Pincher - 0, Raymond - 9
Pincher - 0, Claresholm - 2

Sproule Field
Magrath - 3. Claresholm - 1
Cardston 1 - 1. Raymond - 1
Rams - 1. Magrath - 3
Bulldogs - 0. Taber - 7
Cougars - 0. Cardston 1 - 3
Coyotes - 2 Taber - 3
Raymond - 3, Pincher - 0
Claresholm - 0, Cardston 2 - 1
Magrath - 2, Cardston 2 - 0
Cougars - 4. Claresholm - 2

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