Sunday, September 18, 2016

Never give up

Chris Ney - We hear this kind of term all the time, from when we were little our parents would say don’t give up you can do it. We would then get more confidence and push through whatever it was that we thought would stop us and in the end when we finished we would be better for it and stronger, it also built a bit into us that we could do anything. Then all of a sudden we hit something we couldn’t do, no matter what we did it just didn’t work, we felt like failures and couldn’t understand just what happened. I know for me when this happened I sat back and thought through everything and really wondered if I was able to do anything or should I just give up. I was fortunate growing up to have people around me to pick me up when life was like that, and to a large degree I have a lot of people around now who do the same thing. Even now we can try and try but sometimes never quite get where we expected.

Sadly over the years my prayer life has been similar to this, I have prayed and prayed asking God to do this or that and not seen answers the next day, in fact sometimes not even that week and what happens is I give up and start praying for something else. I lose faith that God will answer my prayers and in doing so I have at times lost heart. I know that seems like it should never happen to a Christian, I mean Christians are perfect and strong all the time right. No not really, we are just normal, flawed at least those of us who want to admit it, we have doubts, we lose heart, and we fall flat on our faces. It is really hard when that happens to any of us, but the great reality is that we have a good Father who is always there to pick us up and dust off our pants, bandage our scraped knees and show us how much He really loves us.

As He does this, it helps us; it builds our faith and strengthens our hearts to live this life here, but also to not give up. It draws to see who He is and instead of turning to the things of the world like drugs and alcohol, we learn day by day to begin to turn to Him first. We learn to never give up and just like a child persistently ask our Father for what we need in Christ. Through this He gives us our very needs, not always what we want but always what we need. You see for me in the past I stopped praying because I started doubting, and I doubted because I was lacking in faith. To put it simply doubt trumps faith and our prayers peader out.

We need to be like we were when we were little kids and wanted something, we knew our parents would give it to us if we asked, sometimes we had to ask a lot and they would give it to us but if we really wanted it we were persistent, we didn’t give up. Go to God the same way; cry out to Him for healing, for family, for any aspect of your life. Earnestly cry out to Him and He is there for you. You may not always get what you want or expect but you will ALWAYS get just what you need.

If you are looking for family and a place to connect, I would like to invite you to join us any Sunday at 10:30 am @ Vertical Church right here in Pincher Creek

You are Loved

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