Friday, September 30, 2016

Passing motorist finds vehicle/driver down an embankment

RCMP Alberta photo
RCMP Alberta - On September 29, 2016 at around 10:30 pm a member of the public travelling on Highway 663 near Caslan, AB noticed what they believed to be a vehicle down an embankment. Concerned, the individual contacted the Boyle RCMP who attended to investigate. Upon arrival, the RCMP member confirmed that a truck had driven off of the highway and down the embankment where it became lodged in trees. The truck was barely visible and was located approximately 50 feet from the roadway.

The male driver of the truck was found to be non-responsive. EMS and the Caslan Fire Department were called to assist. Once the injured 54 year old male was freed from the vehicle he regained responsiveness and was transported to hospital in serious condition. 

Investigation into the cause of the collision is on-going.

If not for the attention and quick thinking of the passing motorist emergency services may not have been able to reach the injured male in a timely fashion. The Boyle RCMP would like to thank the public for their continued help in being vigilant and reporting incidents like this to the Police and encourage people to continue this support and to call 911 immediately should they see anything of this nature.

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