Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pincher Archery Club to build outdoor range near Juan Teran Park

Proposed archery range location (Pincher Archery Club graphic)

Christian Davis - Pincher Archery Club President Duane Filipuzzi appeared before council for the MD of Pincher Creek at their August 23 meeting to discuss the club's request to use a 9.9 acre (approximately 46 meters wide by 114 meters long) portion of MD property located north of and adjacent to Juan Teran Regional Park within the Hamlet of Lowland Heights,

According to Flipuzzi, "The intent is to create an outdoor archery range to be used by our club members and guests." The Pincher Archery Club was formed in was formed in October of 2015, and has since opened an indoor range on Main Street Pincher Creek, and boasts approximately 40 members. After some discussion later in the meeting council unanimously approved the request.

According to MD Director of Development and Community Services Roland Milligan's report on the matter:
  • The parcel is within the Parks and Open Space land use district within the Land Use Bylaw.
  • Within this land use district, 'public park or recreation' is listed as a permitted use.
  • The first of the three listed intents of the Parks and Open Space (POS) district is "to identify where practical, and facilitate the development of public parks and recreation areas;"
  • The recreation facilities that exist in the Town of Pincher Creek's Juan Teran Regional Park are listed on the Town website. They include three regulation slo-pitch diamonds, concession/washroom building, beach volleyball pit, picnic area and open space, horseshoe pits, and green space.
  • Aside from a small portion of a ball diamond, there are currently no developments within the parcel being proposed by the Pincher Archery Club for use.
  • The area for the proposed range is 46m x 114m. Approximately 0.5 ha ( 1.2 acres), or tenth of the parcel.
  • Included in the proposal is a document that shows comparison for the sport's safety as compared to numerous other activities.
  • The Pincher Creek Archery Club carries $5 million liability insurance, which is facilitated through Archery Alberta and Archery Canada.
  • The proposed range lies in north-south direction. To the north lies a residence on a 10.5 ha (26 acre) parcel ofland that is zoned Hamlet Transitional/Agriculture.
  • The residence itself is approximately 65m north of the end of the buffer at the target end.
As explained in Filipuzzi's letter, the parcel is "a narrow right of way located under a small powerline and has a natural barricade of trees and brush on the west and east side, creating a natural barrier to protect the public. He told council the powerline "is not in conflict at all".

Filipuzzi explained "The 114 meter length is sufficient to host a 90 meter outdoor FITA competition and still provide an adequate buffer to protect neighbors and the public. The actual shooting range will be 18.5 meters wide and 74 meters long with a 13.75 meter buffer on the west and east side and a 40 meter buffer on the north side. On the rare occasion of the club holding a 90 meter FITA shoot the north buffer will be reduced to 20 meters, which would be acceptable under these conditions. If you allow the club to use this space it is our intentions to have the archery range complete and ready for use in the spring of 2017."

"The archery club will be responsible for the development and maintenance, for erecting a fence suitable for public protection and for properly signing the area. In turn we would like the MD of Pincher Creek to offer the use of this property at no fee or for a nominal fee. As we are a registered not for profit community organization funds are very limited. Initially we are proposing a wire fence be erected and appropriate signage placed in all directions and at any point of entrance to the area by the public. There are specific range safety rules which will also be posted and enforced as per the Archery Canada's Safety Officer's Guidelines. Archery is a safe, family sport and we expect the possibility of an incident to be low as per all statistical information I can find."

Milligan explained to council that the lease (at $1.00 per year) would be reviewed on a year by year basis.

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