Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pincher Planters plan to continue

Toni Lucas - Pincher Planters President John Hancock spoke for the organization as a delegation to the Monday evening September 12 meeting of Pincher Creek's Town Council. Approximately a dozen of the Pincher Planters were in attendance. Hancock spoke in response to a different delegation of the Pincher Planters, Rosaleen Berger and Noreen Robbins, who attended council's Committee of the Whole (COW) meeting on Wednesday, September 7, according to that meeting's agenda. At that meeting council was left with the impression the organization was folding. Hancock said the Pincher Planters will continue to run as a volunteer organization in the town of Pincher Creek, albeit minus three or four members.

At the September 13 council meeting Hancock said there were 20 Pincher Planters members, and that three of the members have chosen to leave the group over frustrations with watering issues. "These three individuals are held in extremely high esteem by our membership," he explained, saying their leaving means a great loss to the organization, that one of the people resigning is a founding member, and that they had all been active participants. He later said the Pincher Planters currently has 11 active working members and three long-standing members who are not active but are supportive. The group undertakes a number of beautification projects around the town of Pincher Creek every year, including flower beds and the hanging basket project throughout the summer. Hancock said "In my opinion, this whole system of the beautification of our town is unfair on Public Works, there are more important projects to be considered than watering flowers." He requested a re-design of irrigation systems with the flower beds considered. "If only the water system could be solved, it would make all the difference in the world."

"We enjoy the work, and it's really not just a group of people, it's a social group.  I think that's one of the reasons we didn't want to break up.  We are all friends."

Mayor Don Anderberg said the resignation of the Pincher Planters at the Wednesday Committee of the Whole meeting was a shock, and "From my point of view, if we know there is an issue, we will deal with it." He said the Town values the work of the Pincher Planters and the individuals who volunteer for it.  He suggested perhaps there is a communication issue and suggested a representative from the Town of Pincher Creek meet with the group on a more regular basis.

Here's Hancock's letter to the Town, discussed at the September 12 meeting:

With  regard to Pincher Planters' presentation  to Pincher Creek Council Committee-of-the-Whole   meeting on September 7th  2016, I  as the President of Pincher Planters, must clarify the true feelings of our group.

  1. The whole membership agrees that the water supply to the flower beds should be improved.
  2. Over 50% of the  Membership disagrees with the statement that Pincher-Planters wish to dissolve the group.
  3. Our membership stands at 20 members.
  4. Of this 20, only four individuals are leaving;
  5. Given the chance to voice their  opinions 16 members which Pincher Planters wish to continue.
  6. Of these 16 Members 9 are willing to work next year with 2 yet to reply.
  7. We DO wish to apply for Joint Funding for 2017.

Yours Sincerely
John Hancock.
Pincher Planters, (President).

Hancock put in an application form for 2017 Joint Funding for the Pincher Planters, a few days before the deadline (click here for Joint Funding information).

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