Monday, September 5, 2016

The bigger picture

Joyce Sasse - “We mortals are like ants at a picnic”, James Taylor writes, pointing out how narrow our world can become. “We busy ourselves with crumbs and miss the bigger picture.”

In paraphrasing Psalm 99 in the book Everyday Psalms, Taylor reflects on how easy it is to allow our thinking to be buried in a rut while our world is so full of the grandeur of God.

“God embodies all that is right and good.” He quotes what Paul writes to the church in Philippi. “Fill your minds with those things that are good and deserve praise: things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely and honourable …”

I think about these things as people ask how my summer has been. It would be easy to get caught in the rut of despair, clouded by natural disasters, unspeakable stories of terrorist activities and political wrangling. We might even feel ourselves being dumbed down by others urging us to buy cars we don’t have to drive, smart phones with apps that order our latest desire at the push of a button and google maps that might or might not get us to our desired destination.

The God who created us has given us great capacity for beauty and trust, for truth telling and peace building, for looking at grains of sand to see wonders beyond belief.

Taylor writes more. “Our spiritual ancestors stumbled over God’s unexpected presence … When they stubbed their toes, God forgave them … and watched over them … and guided their feet ….”

That is the same God who watches over us, walks alongside us and demonstrates through Jesus how we can live together in harmony.

May your journey through the summer and into the fall help you look for the bigger picture of God’s life-giving graciousness.

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