Friday, October 7, 2016

Airdrie RCMP warn drivers of bad road conditions due to weather

RCMP Alberta – The snow and high winds have created hazardous driving conditions on the roads and highways in areas of southern Alberta and Airdrie RCMP are asking motorists to exercise caution when they are driving, or, if they can avoid doing so, not to be driving at all on the icy roadways.

The snow and wind are causing ice to form on sections of some of the highways, roads and secondary highways in the vicinity of Airdrie. The ice is creating dangerous conditions for drivers and blowing snow is reducing the visibility for drivers.

The RCMP would like to remind motorists who may find themselves on the road in this severe weather to do the following:

- Reduce your speed and wear your seatbelt;

- Turn on your vehicle's headlights/taillights to increase your vehicle’s visibility;

- Increase the distance between your vehicle and others on the road to provide greater distance for stopping and more time to react to any hazardous situations;

- Ensure you have a full tank of gas before venturing out as there could be delays due to accidents or stalled vehicles and the last thing you would want is to run out of gas before reaching your destination;

- Obey the directions of Police and Emergency personnel you may encounter on the road;

- Pack some warm clothes, such as gloves/mittens, hats, toques and blankets in the car in the event that you have to pull over for a while or become stuck; at least you can stay warm.

Winter is not quite here yet, but today the weather is making for some winter-like driving conditions in the southern part of Alberta, especially around Airdrie. The RCMP is asking everyone to drive carefully and be mindful of the road conditions while driving.

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